ABC News - Coronavirus forces Dane County businesses to scramble | WodBottom

ABC News - Coronavirus forces Dane County businesses to scramble

Coronavirus forces Dane County businesses to scramble

VERONA (WKOW) -- The squeeze on supplies in China as a result of the coronavirus is being felt by businesses in Dane County.

Verona's WodBottom produces unique, women's workout shorts. Product designer Emily Ruyle says roughly 2,000 units are sold each month. Ruyle says she's forged a close tie with her counterpart at the producer of her apparel at a manufacturer in China.

"I work closely with a woman named Jane...the relationship is really great. There's a lot of trust. We've been working together for a lot of years," Ruyle says.

But Ruyle says her Chinese manufacturer shut down for an extended period of time as a result of the coronavirus. "And now they have to start up their production again," Ruyle says, noting delivery is months off. "Now we have January, February, March, almost all of April with no new core product to display. Normally we would have six or eight designs a month that we would be releasing," she says.

"It's going to be a pretty big hit," Ruyle says.

Ruyle says she's had to search for another supplier in the event delivery becomes uncertain. "Colombia is a place we're currently getting samples from."

Ruyle says her firm is resilient and has coped with different challenges in its five-year history. She's confident the company will learn new adapting techniques as a result of the coronavirus' impact.


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