Everyone Loved Him

This Survivor Story Has Abuse Triggers

He was charming. He said all of the right things and appeared to have all of the qualities I was looking for in a man. Everyone loved him, he was a hard worker and he was family oriented. Things moved quickly, before I knew it he was living with me and then shortly after he proposed to me.

I was Pregnant

I thought I was finally getting my forever after. I had been through a lot in my life and I thought “finally something good!”. When I told him that I was pregnant he punched a hole into our bedside table. I starting seeing a whole other side of him more often. Things were thrown and broken, he would disappear and not contact me, but he never laid his hands on me so I didn’t think it was abuse.

"I remember the first time he hit me. I can still feel the sting of his hand across my face."

He Hit Me

He would jump from job to job, sometimes not working at all, no longer being able to fake the hard worker persona he presented himself as. I remember the first time he hit me. I can still feel the sting of his hand across my face. He was so smooth that even though he slapped me across the face in front of his family he was able to convince them that it was my fault. I deserved it. It wasn’t the stereotypical abuse, I never had to hide any bruises or had any broken bones, so I convinced myself it wasn’t abuse. “He only hits me every once in awhile” I told myself. But it was.

Get Help & Stay Strong

It was emotional abuse, it was financial abuse, it was physical abuse. It was domestic violence. I ignored all of the signs and my biggest regret is that I never made a police report. I have to share my children with him and even though we have been separated for years he still tries to get to me, tries to control me and make me feel less than.

But I am strong.

I am a survivor.

If you are in a domestic violence relationship, please seek help. You deserve to be happy and healthy 💜💜💜