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Alyssa Christian

Name (nickname if you have one): "Haymaker"
Something interesting about yourself?: Huge animal lover. Always bringing pets home and my husband wants to kill me. HAHA. I've always loved cats but my husband is allergic so now I have two dogs! I'll pull over in the middle of the road to rescue a pet. Just last week I rescued a turtle in the middle of the street. :) I am also a mom of two boys so that makes for a fun and interesting life!

Where do you train? CrossFit Populace in Tyler TX

How long have you been doing CrossFit?: Since 2014

How many times a week do you work out?: 6 days a week. 2 times a day. 

What is your diet like? I like to count macros because it gives me freedom in my diet. Like eating all the peanut butter :) I keep it super clean. Lean meats, green vegetables, complex carbs timed around my workouts, and tons of water!

What is your favorite exercise or named CrossFit workout? Fran is my favorite! I love thrusters and I love gymnastics (pull ups, chest to bars, muscle ups etc)

What is your favorite WodBottom product? I love the rings! Super functional for my lifestyle. I even wear them on date night. Just so comfortable and I'm not a huge jewelry fan so this is ideal for me. 

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