Bethany Branham

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Bethany Branham

Nickname: Bambam, Beth, B, Mini hulk ( I've got lots of nicknames lol ) 

Tell us something interesting about you?:

- I did gymnastics competitively for 8 years.. after that career ended I went into triathlons where I did four of them, straight into half marathons where I've completed 3, into physique competitions where I've competed in four.  ( so safe to say I've always done something athletic) 

- been skydiving twice

- I have never been to Mexico 😱

- I have 3 blood related siblings , we all start with the letter B ( Brenden, Brittany, Benjamin, Bethany) and I have four step siblings. (8 kids in all) 

Where do you train: I train at CrossFit Hutto 

How long have you been doing CrossFit?: I have been doing crossfit for 2 years 

How often do you train?:  I train Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 3-5 hrs a day and active recovery (swimming) on Thursdays. 

What is your diet like?:  I love me some baby food ( just the fruit ones) for some quick carbohydrates, clean protein bars (Larabars) yummy!! And lately I've been doing a lot rice with chicken, or ground beef, but I LOVE a really good burger and steak cut French fries or sweet potato fries which I'll have 2-4x a week 😈

What is your favorite exercise?:  My favorite exercise in crossfit has to be the pistol. I love them!! Not sure why but I can do them forever! My coach tested me on them at the beginning when I started with him to see how many I could do and I had to stop at 300 because I got bored haha. #pistolsfordays 

What is your favorite WodBottom product?:  My favorite WodBottom product is either the flossing bands or the knee sleeves. I use the floss bands every day to warm up for about 30 min on my legs and and arms. Definitely gets the blood flow going and really helps my muscles feel warmed up before starting my programming, I'll even do it inbetween sets just to keep my legs and arms from locking up in the workouts. The knee sleeves on the other hand are super snug which I love they definitely give my knees and legs a TON of support when I'm squatting. 

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