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Rachel Campbell

Name or nickname:  Rachel Campbell- Brunettestrong

Tell us something interesting about yourself:  My passion outside of the gym is to explore the outdoors by hiking and mountain biking. I love absorbing Gods creations. 

Where do you train?: I train at Red Side Crossfit in Leander, Texas. 

How long have you been doing CrossFit?:  I started Crossfit during the 2014 Open. I competed in it just for fun and that is when my passion was discovered for Crossfit. I have been doing Crossfit for almost 3 years now.  

How many days a week do you workout?: I train 5 times a week in the gym and have 1 active recovery day. 

What is your diet like?:  I eat for performance and fuel. I would say my diet is 90% paleo meaning that I don't eat grains.  I have a high protein, high carb, and moderate fat diet. You find what works for you and stick with it! 

What is your favorite exercise or named CrossFit workout?:  My favorite Crossfit workout is Fran. I know most people think I'm crazy when I say this but I love thrusters and pull-ups!

What is your favorite WodBottom product?:  My favorite WodBottom product is the rings. I wear my ring every day everywhere to show my love for my significant other. The rings come in striking colors and even glow in the dark! During training, they don't ever get in the way and are very comfortable. I confess that I wear mine much more than my diamond. True gym rat here. 

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