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5 High Protein Recipes with Minimal Ingredients

Walking into a grocery store right now is a bit of a new experience. With newly enforced social distancing rules and quarantining in full effect, panic buying has caused something many of us have never seen before-  empty shelves in grocery stores. While this is a frightening time, it is still important to think about what we are putting into our bodies and make sure that we are eating healthy. 

We know how important protein is for lady lifters, so we’ve compiled a list of five protein-packed recipes that have relatively few ingredients (or ingredients you can switch out) to help you eat right even when there are less choices available. All of the websites we sourced the recipes from can be found at the bottom of the cards, so if you really like one of our listed options, you can check out what else they have to offer.

Stay healthy! Stay Safe!


The WodBottom Team


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