A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

It’s tempting to approach the new year with expectations of drastic change and renewal. But maybe real transformation comes not from reinventing yourself, but from embracing everything you already are – the flawed, messy, complicated, beautiful person you have been since the beginning. 

Maybe 2023 doesn’t have to be record-breaking. Instead, maybe it’s a good year to pause, take stock of where you are, and appreciate how far you’ve come. 

Love and Self-Acceptance: A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

There is always room for improvement: a new personal record in the gym, a faster mile run time, a promotion at work, or a milestone in your personal life. But maybe it’s time to press pause on the external benchmarks and focus more on the internal improvements.

What if your 2023 resolutions revolve more around self-empowerment and self-love? 

What if you focus less on what you want to change about your body and instead vow to embrace and appreciate the body you already have?

What would happen if you dedicated this next year to discovering strengths you didn’t know you had? And worked on honing those strengths to become more completely yourself?

How might your year be different if you resolved to speak to yourself with the same kindness and love you show others in your life?

New Year, New Goals

Now, don’t get me wrong: goals are great. We should all strive for growth. Goals keep us motivated and provide a measurable benchmark on which to set our sights. But sometimes (maybe too often?), we create unrealistic expectations. We set ourselves up for failure and then drive ourselves into the ground, trying to make those goals a reality.

What would it look like if you set more reasonable goals for yourself in 2023? What if those goals were more introspective than external? Goals like:

  • Spend less time on social media.
  • Connect with a good friend at least once a week.
  • Write in a gratitude journal every day.
  • Spend 30 minutes a week practicing mindfulness.
  • Speak one positive affirmation to myself daily.
  • Embrace one positive “I am” statement each month. Examples could be, “I am strong,” “I am a loyal friend,” “I am committed to healthy living,” or “I am content.”

Start With a Word

It’s not easy to rethink our resolutions. It will take time to shift your mentality from a goal-based resolution to a more reflective and intentional mindset. 

One way to focus on internal change is to choose a “word of the year.” 

Here’s how it works. Instead of a resolution (what you will do, how you will do it, what you want to achieve), you will run everything through the filter of that word.

For instance, you might decide that the word for 2023 is “simplify” because you want to remove distractions and focus on the people and things that matter most. Instead of keeping a resolution in mind throughout the year, you’ll use that word – simplify – to examine your decisions and actions.

Example: You find yourself wanting to take on new projects at work, but the added workload will mean less quality time with your family and friends. It might come with a promotion, but you know it will also bring added stress. 


With that word in mind, what would this decision mean in the context of your work, your family, and your own mental and emotional health? 

There are plenty of personal words you can embrace in the new year. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

























Need more ideas? Check out this blog for inspiration. 

You Are Enough Just the Way You Are

Many of us are go-getters. We’re Type A personalities, always chasing the next challenge, trying to be the best at everything we do. But I need you to hear this: you’re already enough just the way you are.

It’s okay to cut yourself some slack. It’s okay to rest and relax once in a while. It’s okay to focus on your own needs above the needs of everyone else.

Maybe 2023 is your year to reconnect with the most important relationship of all: the relationship with yourself. Rediscover your passions. Feed your mind with things that challenge your thinking and your soul with things that make you smile. Be grateful for your body, perceived flaws and all, because it is powerful and unique. 

A new year brings new opportunities to change how we see the world and our place in it. May your 2023 be a year of transformation in all the best ways.



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