Why Women Should Rock Those Booty Shorts

Why Women Should Rock Those Booty Shorts

There’s no shortage of media outlets telling us that if we’re not a size 2, we should stick to leggings. (Side note here: we think EVERYONE is entitled to leggings. But more on that another time. It’s all about the shorties today.)

Here’s the thing: most women are not a size 2. If you are, and you’re reading this, we’re super excited for you. But let’s be honest: most of us do not have thin thighs, firm skin, or completely sculpted backsides. The “average” woman (put in quotations because, let’s be honest, we’re all fabulously unique) has a nearly 39-inch waist. That’s the average, so there are plenty of women even more curvy and muscular.

Should we thick-thighed gals also wear booty shorts?

Hell. Yes.

Why All Women Should Wear Booty Shorts

In short (ha! Get it?), it all comes down to one word: representation. If young girls only see images of tightened thighs and lifted backsides – with airbrushed magazine covers hiding cellulite – they’re going to believe that’s the norm.

It’s up to us to show them that all bodies are beautiful, from the XS to the XXXL and everything in between. We need to embrace our bodies – every inch of them – and do what feels right.

Young women and girls need authentic role models. They need to see that, yes, women come in all shapes and sizes. And if you want to wear those short shorts? Girl, go ahead.

Let’s Talk About Comfort

I don’t know about you, but the thought of getting through today’s WOD in heavy sweatpants sounds like its own kind of torture. For me, I feel the most comfortable when I can move freely. Shorties keep me cool, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to stop wearing them just because my thighs are getting a little more jiggly as I age.

Being physically comfortable is the easy part. Booty shorts wick away moisture, allow for much more airflow, and allow flexibility to get all the way to the floor in our squats. The emotional and psychological comfort, though? That’s a bit harder.

Not everyone feels confident wearing booty shorts to the gym. We totally get it. As girls and young women ourselves, we were often fed the lie that short shorts are “indecent” or “provocative.” We might have bought into the idea that we can only wear shorties if our legs are perfect or our booties lifted high.

Guess what? That’s total B.S. You have every right to wear those booty shorts. If someone else thinks they’re “indecent,” they can just head on back to 1955. You own your body. You have the right to express yourself the way you want. And yes, you even have the right to show off those thighs you’ve been lifting for.

Hey You: It’s Time to Try a Pair of Shorties

Here at WodBottom, we advocate for wearing your booty shorts anytime. However, we know some women still aren’t comfortable wearing short shorts to the gym. We get it.

The most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. If that means you aren’t yet ready to flaunt what your Mama gave you in front of your Swole Sisters, hey, you do you. But what if you were to give one pair of shorties a try? What if you wore them at home, during your garage workout sessions? What if you could see yourself in the mirror, embrace your body just the way it is?

Think of it this way: wearing those shorties is a symbol to yourself and those around you that you’re proud of your body, just the way it is. And you want others to be confident wearing what makes them feel good, too.

Continue on being your badass self. We’ve got plenty of shorties waiting for you.

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