Can Your Clothing Impact Your Fitness Level?

Can Your Clothing Impact Your Fitness Level?

We’ve all been there: struggling to find the motivation to hit the gym. We make excuses: I’m too tired. I’m too busy. I’ll do it tomorrow. 

A healthy lifestyle is a mind-over-matter game. Sometimes, the hardest part of a workout is putting on your shoes and leaving the house. What if we could give ourselves an extra boost of inspiration, a gentle nudge away from excuses and towards doing the damn thing

As it turns out, that gentle nudge might be closer than you think.

The Motivation is In Your Pants

If you’re having trouble getting yourself motivated, the answer might be in your pants. Your workout pants, that is. (Get your minds out of the gutter!). 

In a recent study of 2,000 gym-goers, 90% said that workout clothing affects their motivation to break a sweat. The study participants said that just putting on their workout gear made them more likely to exercise. What’s more, those same people said they tend to work out harder and longer when they wear clothes they like.

As it turns out, what you wear directly impacts how you perform. 

Your Workout Wardrobe Matters

Remember when the pandemic first took over our lives back in 2020? I mean, really, who can forget? 

We all started working from home, wearing the same pajama bottoms from bed to Zoom calls and back again (allegedly). Pretty soon, our motivation and productivity wavered. Experts suggested that dressing for success (that is, changing out of PJs into something more professional – you know, like black leggings) could make you more productive, with more energy. 

Is that because blouses and work pants have a magical energy that make you better at your job? Of course not. The magic comes from what dressing the part does to your mind. The way you dress directly impacts your self-confidence, self-esteem, and mental awareness. When you feel good in your clothing, it shows.

The same is true of workout clothing. The clothes you wear – and how excited you are to wear them – directly influence your mood and motivation. If you love your new shorties and sassy new tank, you’re more likely to get to the gym and show them off. The clothes themselves might not be magic*, but the effects sure are. 

*We cannot confirm nor deny whether WodBottom gear is made with actual magic.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Fitness is more mental than physical. Without a healthy mindset, you won’t have a healthy body. Motivation and mental health play a significant role in your overall wellness. The way you feel about yourself affects how you take care of yourself. And if you feel great about the clothes you’re wearing, you’re more likely to tackle your health and fitness goals with enthusiasm.

A positive mindset can change your life. Many factors impact your mindset, but if your clothing brings a smile to your face and puts a pep in your step, it’s worth the cost. 

Get Some New Workout Goodies!

We’re no scientists, but if the research says you need new workout gear, who are we to argue? 

Whether you’re struggling to get started on a health and fitness program or you’re a hard-core athlete working towards that next PR, gifting yourself some new gear can help. Click here to add some pizazz to your workout wardrobe

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