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Coronavirus Lockdown Guide: Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy at Home


Social isolation can take a toll on people’s mental health across the globe, even for introverts. If coronavirus stress is getting to you, fight back by creating healthy routines that help you cope.

When you need something to focus on other than the news, turn to these healthy practices that you can do at home.

Create a space for self-care

How to turn your bedroom into a self-care sanctuary.

24 tips for turning a shed into a tiny hideaway.

Create a workout space you love.

Home fitness: How to choose exercise equipment and where to place it.

Get back to the fitness basics

Best bodyweight exercises for targeting specific muscle groups.

Ditch the gym and do cardio at home with these workouts.

These jump rope HIIT workouts will torch fat.

Dive deep into home yoga practice

Bringing your practice home.

Top YouTube yoga teachers and the best yoga challenges.

Looking for instant stress relief? Try these 5 restorative yoga poses.

Hone your healthy cooking skills

The best options for grocery delivery during the coronavirus pandemic.

Your coronavirus shopping list: What to buy and what to skip.

Our 18 best recipes using pantry staples.

16 delicious recipes featuring beans and lentils.

Whether it’s a stress-busting workout or a shared meal around the dinner table, it’s the little things that keep us sane during crazy times like these. Instead of letting coronavirus chaos rule your life, take back control with positive everyday habits. With healthy routines to keep your mind busy and your body strong.  You can keep pushing forward despite the challenges life throws your way and come out stronger in body and in mind when this is all over. 

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