DAIS Philanthropic Mission Update

DAIS Philanthropic Mission Update

At WodBottom, we are committed to being an uplifting voice in the community, at the forefront of positive change, and leaving a positive mark on the time we are here. We design and create authentic and powerful activewear for women leaders just like us.

We work hard to empower women. That’s why we donate a portion of our proceeds to DAIS, to support survivors (men, women, and children) and their families as they find their voices, uncover their power, and find the confidence to follow their dreams.

Learn more about DAIS, our partnership and collection together, and our commitment for the future.

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (or DAIS) has been working since 1977 to ensure the safety and well-being of domestic violence survivors and their families in Madison and Dane County, Wisconsin.

Their mission is to empower those affected by domestic violence and advocate for social change through support, education, and outreach.

To achieve these goals, DAIS offers an array of services, including crisis intervention, community education and prevention programs, a 24-hour domestic violence hotline, legal advocacy, support groups, and emergency safety planning.

Learn more about DAIS.

DAIS & WodBottom

WodBottom’s founder, Emily, grew up in a home where domestic violence was commonplace, and when she started WodBottom, she knew she wanted this company to have a deeper purpose.

Choosing to partner with an organization that supports and empowers domestic abuse survivors and their families to get on a path to a healthy, happy life was an easy decision. With every purchase, we donate a portion of our proceeds to DAIS to help them empower survivors to find their voices and their confidence.

Learn more about why we support this cause.

Become a domestic violence advocate and ally.

DAIS Collection

Not only do a portion of our proceeds go to DAIS, but we also create a DAIS Collection where 100% of the profits go to DAIS. From CrossFit athletes to marathon runners, gym-goers, to mountain climbers, everyone needs quality workout gear that makes them feel good!

Our DAIS Collection is made from our ultra-fab Moxie blend that gives you the perfect mix of compression and stretch. The iridescent shiny violet color makes these shorties, leggings, and bra irresistibly shimmery and fabulous. Additionally, they help survivors reclaim their lives from domestic abuse and support woman power.


Available in three lengths, 2.5”, 3.25”, 5”, these Shiny Hiney Shorties hug every curve and have just enough shine to keep life interesting. Plus, the square gusset means camel toe is a thing of the past.

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We know you’ll love these leggings. Soft and smooth with max compression for an extra supportive feeling.

Shop our 24” Shiny Hiney Leggings!

Sports Bra

This breathable, reinforced high-neck sports bra with an extra shiny finish gives you all the support you need. And the double back straps create a super cute crisscross design!

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WodBottom’s Commitment

We are committed to supporting DAIS and domestic abuse survivors. We believe in woman power, in raising strong girls who will grow up to be strong women leaders and strong people.

Just as we continue to empower women, we will continue to support and uplift domestic abuse survivors.

Learn why strong women make the best role models.

DAIS domestic violence hotline: 608-251-4445 or 800-747-4045

National domestic violence hotline: 1-800-799-7233

Visit AbuseIntervention.org for more information.

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