Do I Have to Be Fit to Do CrossFit?

Do I Have to Be Fit to Do CrossFit?

“Do I have to be fit to do CrossFit?” The short answer is no, but please don’t quit reading here. CrossFit is for every body type, at every stage of fitness, and every age. Whether you’ve been training for years or you’re just getting off the couch, CrossFit can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Plus, CrossFit is about more than just losing fat and getting swole. There’s a community and comradery that you cannot find anywhere else. Read on to learn how you can get started in CrossFit – no matter where you’re at on your fitness journey!

CrossFit Is for Everyone

Too often, people shy away from visiting their local CrossFit gym (often called “The Box”) because they’re self-conscious about their fitness level. While we often see photos of CrossFit athletes who can throw around a 100-lb barbell like it’s a bag of feathers, the uber-fit aren’t the only ones at The Box.

The truth is that when you walk into a CrossFit gym, you’ll see people from all walks of life: all body sizes, shapes, ages, and varying degrees of fitness. Some are just starting their fitness journey. Others are returning to the gym after years away. And others are trying to build or maintain muscle to keep themselves healthy and strong as they age. And yes, there are also super athletes who train like beasts, with thighs that can kill a man and arms seemingly made of steel.

But guess what? When we get to The Box, we’re all the same. We push one another to be better than we were yesterday. We encourage one another and cheer on each other’s accomplishments. The only person you’ll compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday.

CrossFit is for everyone – we promise!

Getting Started in CrossFit

The most intimidating part of starting CrossFit is walking into your local Box for the first time. After that, you’ll wonder why you didn’t join sooner. If you’re anxious about going it alone, take your partner or your bestie with you for emotional support. Who knows? Maybe it will change both of your lives!

Each affiliate gym has professional trainers who will walk you through the CrossFit methods, show you proper lift techniques, and meet you right where you are physically. There are ways to scale nearly every move in CrossFit, making it accessible to everyone at every level.

Once you get started, you’ll notice improvements almost immediately. You will gain muscle, lose fat, and improve your flexibility, balance, and agility. But more importantly, you’ll gain confidence and find both inner and outer strength you never knew was possible.

Before you can see those improvements, though, you have to take the first step. Find your local CrossFit Box by visiting the CrossFit website here.

Finding the Right CrossFit Gym

You’re beautifully unique – and you deserve a CrossFit gym that embraces that uniqueness. Each Box has a distinctive vibe – from the trainers to the setting to the people who make up each class. To truly enjoy all CrossFit has to offer, you have to find the right CrossFit gym and the right group of people.

There are CrossFit gyms everywhere. If you don’t connect with the people the first time you try a class, don’t give up! Consider trying other classes at the same facility, where the crowd might be completely different. If that doesn’t work, try another gym. You’ll know you’ve found the perfect fit when you look forward to hangin’ with your gym buddies and tackling the Workout of the Day.

3, 2, 1, GO!

Now that we’ve got you pumped, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and step into a CrossFit gym. Throw on your favorite gear, lace up those shoes, and get ready for your life to change. The people you’ll meet will become a second family, and you’ll be amazed at what your body can do.

Are you a CrossFitter? Or have you considered trying CrossFit, but you don’t know where to begin? We want to hear your story! Drop us a line in the comments below. 👇

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