Finish 2021 Strong: How to Find Workout Motivation

Finish 2021 Strong: How to Find Workout Motivation

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means the new year is right around the corner. Finish the year feeling strong and confident, and set 2022 up for success.

Follow these fitness tips for finding the workout motivation that will help you power through the rest of the year.

Motivating Fitness Tips

Finding simple, healthy female fitness motivation tips can sometimes be challenging, ones that aren’t all about packing in insane amounts of protein or crazy workout trends, but that’s where WodBottom comes in! We’re here to share positive, helpful fitness tips and motivational ideas that will help you feel healthy and stay on track with your goals.

If you’re feeling like the end of the year brings with it a struggle to stay motivated and challenges the goals you’ve been working hard all year to make, just know, you are not alone. Many women find this time testing, and for a number of reasons.

Change Your Mindset

Instead of thinking about the end of 2021 and how you’re working to finish something, try thinking about the future and how you’re setting yourself up for success to start new goals and challenges for next year.

Keeping your mindset focused on the continuation of your goals and thinking forward will help you stay positive and make the transition to the new year even easier.

Reward Yourself

You’ve worked so hard all year--Reward yourself! Treat yourself to a smoothie after a really tough back and shoulder workout, or a new pair of Shorties (wink, wink) after setting a new PR.

Getting stuck in a good habit loop can be extremely beneficial for helping you stay motivated and keep you moving forward. They don’t have to be super indulgent rewards: you go to an early morning yoga class on the weekend? Reward yourself with a nice bath afterward. They don’t even have to be workout-related achievements! Maybe you chose to have a side salad with your lunch instead of fries, or you were diligent about how much water you drank. There are plenty of things you do every day for your body that deserve a reward.

Plus, when your brain starts associating these things with rewards, you’ll be more motivated to get in the habit of doing them, and it will become easier to lace up your running shoes or choose water over soda.

Share Your Struggle

It’s okay to feel like you’re struggling to stay motivated, no matter what time of year it is. That’s why having a Swole Sister by your side to encourage you and help you stay on track is so important. They’re more than just a workout buddy; a Swole Sister will support you in and outside of the gym. She’s there to help you push through that last set of your workout plan, but she’s also a shoulder to lean on. Our Swole Sisters are there to help us overcome every obstacle we may face.

Stay motivated and shop WodBottom.

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