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Goal Planning for 2022 - What Are You Improving?

We’re getting close to the end of 2021 -- Are you ready for the new year? It may seem early to start planning your 2022 goals or resolutions, but dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick says that she starts “the New Year’s resolution conversation in October” and tries “to get [her] patients to start their resolutions by early November...If you can make it through the holidays in a really healthy manner, you are more likely to make it a habit.”

Whether you’re looking to improve your diet, physical fitness, or overall health, we’re excited to start goal planning with you and achieve these resolutions together. Learn how to set achievable goals, where to find inspiration, and how to stay motivated throughout your journey, plus a few WodBottom fitness tips to help you along the way.

Goal Planning

You may have accomplished your 2021 goals or let those resolutions fall away throughout the year -- and that’s okay! We’re all continually growing and changing, and our goals evolve too.

As we continue on our health and fitness journeys and begin to reevaluate our resolutions for the next year, it is important to set realistic, achievable goals that you can start planning and implementing now, so they’re easier to stick to as the New Year approaches.

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Setting Goals

Setting goals early is a beneficial step for resolutions that will last, but another important aspect is setting goals that are achievable but still challenging you.

Set clear, realistic goals that aren’t timeline specific. Something like, “set a new squat PR” or “drink more water.” Small, achievable goals like that are easy to implement and continually work on throughout the year.

Another type of goal to set is ladder goals. The first rung of the metaphorical ladder is something small and easily accomplished like, “walk for 30 minutes every day for a week.” Then you move on to the next rung, and the next, and you work your way up the ladder you will eventually reach the top rung goal, which is more long-term based like “run a 5k”.

Planning out how to achieve your long-term goals as a workout plan and separating the steps that will get you there can be the difference between completing a 5k and feeling overwhelmed in February.

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Get Inspired

You’ve set your goals and made your plan to achieve them, but how do you find the inspiration to take that first step forward and start? Here are a few fitness tips to get you motivated.

Find a partner.

Having a partner to workout with and keep you accountable and motivated can keep you on track to reaching your goals. One study found that participants who told someone else about a goal had a 65% chance of completing it, compared to 95% if they actually met up with that person.

Find someone to meet up with who inspires, supports, and motivates you to reach your goals, like a Swole Sister. She’s got your back at the gym and in life. A Swole Sister is someone who will spot you as you add another set of plates to your bar and will listen to you vent about a hard day at work. She’s there to encourage and support you, just like you’re there for her.

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Find a fun workout.

Do workouts that are fun! Exercise doesn’t have to be something you dread; it can be something you look forward to. Try an upbeat spin class or an outdoor yoga class and bring your Swole Sister with you! Find a CrossFit box near you that has fun, positive coaches and a great community of CrossFit athletes.

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Staying Motivated

Staying motivated and on top of your goals all year long can be a challenge for a lot of people. What fitness tips or workout plans do you follow that help you to continue on your fitness journey?

We find that one of the biggest motivators that helps us get in the mood for working out is the clothes we wear! Having fun workout gear in your closet that you’re excited to wear can give you the motivation to just get out the door and go to the gym -- and that’s the hardest part sometimes!

So throw on your favorite shorties and a fun, inspirational tank, and get out there!

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