How to Find a Swole Sister

How to Find a Swole Sister

At WodBottom, we celebrate women who are strong inside and out. We believe that friendships and community are at the heart of a successful and meaningful life.

Learn all about Swole Sisters, how to find them, the benefits of a Swole Sister, and why celebrating your Swole Sister is so important.

Swole Sister

To understand what a Swole Sister is, you first need to understand what “swole” means. Typically used to describe a gym rat who has well-defined muscles, swole is a positive term for someone who is physically strong and fit.

Swole Sisters are women who spot each other during reps and get swole together at the gym, but they’re also women who encourage and support each other. Swole Sisters believe in woman power, and their bond goes outside the gym walls because they are a part of a larger community dedicated to healthy bodies, minds, and spirits.

A Swole Sister is a gym buddy turned ride-or-die friend.

How To Find Your Swole Sister

There are potential Swole Sisters all around you. They’re the women at your gym, in your workout classes, they’re CrossFit athletes and yoga instructors, and the woman on the treadmill next to you.

If you’re looking for a good Swole Sister, try these helpful tips:

Plan Around Your Schedule

If you don’t already, start working out at the same time every day. When you find a time that works for you and are at the gym regularly, you can more easily identify who else works out at that time too. Having a Swole Sister with a similar gym schedule to you can help keep you motivated and ensures you’ll always have a partner at the gym.

Try Group Classes

You might be a lone wolf type at the gym, but branching out and signing up for group classes can help you introduce yourself to other women at the gym!

Ask For a Spotter

Push yourself to go a little heavier on the weights and ask someone you think might make a good Swole Sister to spot you. This breaks the ice and helps you identify if they’re a good motivator.

What To Look for In a Swole Sister

There are many aspects of a Swole Sister: she wears WodBottom workout gear, she’s:

  • A ride-or-die friend
  • Supportive
  • Encouraging
  • Someone who challenges others to be their best
  • Strong in body and mind
  • Fun, with an ability to make even the hardest workout a little easier
  • A role model

And so much more!

Benefits of A Swole Sister

Having a Swole Sister both at the gym and in life can be extremely beneficial. They can be your personal trainer, a motivational speaker, and an accountability monitor. But they can also be a friend who will be there to listen, someone to count on, and someone who pushes you to be your best physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Celebrate Swole Sisters’ Day

When we created WodBottom, we wanted to build a business centered around body positivity, connection, and female empowerment. Not only do we embrace women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, but we also expand our reach far beyond our brand.

We wanted to celebrate woman power, acknowledging the role other women play in our collective stories, that’s why we created Swole Sisters’ Day. On Swole Sisters’ Day, August 21st, we recognize strong women leaders who lift up other strong women and are role models for strong girls. It’s a chance to celebrate the relationships we build in the gym – relationships that change us for the better.

Learn more about Swole Sisters’ Day.

Find your Swole Sister and celebrate everything they bring into your life!

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