Preventing Boob Bounce: Which Bra is Best?

Preventing Boob Bounce: Which Bra is Best?

Yep, we are going there: it’s time to talk about the ta-tas. There’s no denying that some of us ladies are a little more, ahem, endowed than others. Those with less mass up top can get away with pretty much any sports bra under the sun, focusing more on style than support. However, ladies with larger chests don’t always have that luxury. Instead, it’s all about preventing the dreaded boob bounce and staying comfortable during our workouts.

With that in mind, which bra is best to prevent boob bounce?

Why Support Matters

Boob bounce isn’t just uncomfortable; it can also be unsafe. Studies from the UK and the US have found that breast oscillation – that is, the side to side and up and down motion – can damage the ligaments that hold your breasts to the chest wall. Sometimes, that damage can be irreparable. 

If you have ever had breast pain after running, jumping, or other physical activities, it’s a good sign that your girls don’t have adequate support. 

When buying a sports bra, it’s important to find one that provides three-dimensional support, especially if you have a larger cup size. The best sports bras will keep those ta-tas in their place, limiting movement and protecting your ligaments. 

The Three Types of Sports Bras

There are three main types of sports bras: compression, encapsulation, and encapsulation-compression. 

Compression bras use – you guessed it! – compression to reduce boob bounce. They typically feature compressive fabrics that hug the chest and hold the breasts in place. They’re often wire-free, with supportive back straps, and work very well for A, B, and C cup sizes. Those with larger cup sizes may not get enough support from a compression bra, especially during high-impact activities. 

Encapsulation bras have a separate cup for each breast, sometimes with an underwire to provide a better shelf. If you participate in high-impact activities or have a larger chest, encapsulation bras can help keep each breast in its place and reduce movement. 

Encapsulation-compression bras are the best of both worlds. These bras provide ultimate support; encapsulation and underneath support to keep your breasts in their place, and compression to reduce boob bounce and sway. These bras often feature adjustable back straps, thicker shoulder straps, and a secure closure.

Encapsulation-compression bras are perfect for large-chested athletes who want to keep their girls in their place. Check out the WodBottom zip-up bra, the perfect bra for reducing boob bounce!

Fabric Options

The type of bra shouldn’t be your only consideration when searching for the perfect sports bra. The fabric composition matters, too. 

Fabrics like polyester, nylon, and spandex are crucial to a bra’s compression level. The more spandex a bra has, the more compression it will have, which means less boob bounce and more support. Thicker fabrics, of course, will provide more support than thin ones. However, these synthetic fabrics don’t always breathe as well as natural fibers like cotton, so make sure you get a sports bra designed to be breathable and moisture-wicking

Cotton bras are naturally breathable, soft, and moisture-absorbing. But cotton, by its very nature, isn’t so great for keeping your lady lumps in place. That’s why a cotton/spandex blend makes a great sports bra. It’s soft and breathable but provides just enough support to keep boob bounce at bay.

Because natural fiber bras will have less overall support and compression than synthetic fibers, larger cup sizes may want to use bras with a higher spandex content during high-impact activities. Those with A, B, or C cup sizes, however, can safely use a cotton blend bra without worrying about boob bounce.

Want to purchase the softest and most comfortable sports bra you’ll ever own? Check out our collection of Bestie Bras here!

The WodBottom Line: Which Bras Prevent Boob Bounce?

Each body is different (and that’s why we love you!), so there isn’t one correct answer to this question. Choosing the perfect sports bra depends on your preferences, body type, chest size, and activity level.

Those with smaller cup sizes can wear just about any type of sports bra. More spandex means more compression, and you should size up or down depending on how much compression you need. Criss-cross and racerback straps tend to provide more support than classic tank straps.

Larger-chested ladies should pay closer attention to fabric composition, style, and support. To prevent boob bounce (which is both uncomfortable and potentially dangerous), choose a bra will all-around support and plenty of compression. We recommend bras made specifically for bigger breasts, like zip-front bras with adjustable back straps.

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