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Rise of Home Workouts and Activewear During COVID-19

COVID-19 changed daily life in so many ways. Gyms, fitness centers, and the clients they serve have felt the impact, too. Across the nation, we have seen a dramatic rise in at-home workouts. For many gym owners, this creates an opportunity to move workouts from the brick and mortar location to online, virtual sessions, allowing clients to get their sweat on from their own homes. For activewear brands (like ours), it’s an opportunity to clothe you in your new “daily uniform.”

As we all adjust to this “new normal” amid Coronavirus, how can athletes continue to stay fit? How can gyms continue to earn money and serve their clients? And how can activewear brands reach consumers who are eager to work out from home?


The Rise of Home Workouts

When the world seemingly came to a halt in early 2020, businesses across the nation closed their doors. Gyms in every state shut down, too – and suddenly, every person with a gym membership needed a new way to work out.

Enter the at-home workout.

Virtual exercise options have exploded in popularity in the past few months, for two main reasons.

First, those who regularly attend a gym or other fitness classes now need a way to stay in shape at home. Virtual workouts, at-home training sessions, and home gyms have filled the void left by closed brick and mortar fitness facilities. A few weights, a blood-pumping playlist, and a YouTube video are all you need to get in an incredible workout.

In fact, some amateur athletes are finding they prefer virtual workouts to their in-gym sessions. They’re convenient, affordable, and can be done from anywhere you have internet access. One survey from the Wall Street Journal found that some athletes may not ever step foot in a gym again – even after Coronavirus passes.

Second, those who are severely obese and those with poor cardiovascular health seem to experience the most severe impacts of COVID-19. The fear of serious complications from the virus has many Americans getting off the couch and getting healthy. For those who are new to a fitness program, working out at home can be less intimidating and more convenient than going to a gym.


How Gyms Are Coping with COVID-19

Gyms, personal trainers, and other athletic professionals are scrambling to adjust to life in a COVID world. Some opt to reopen their facilities with increased safety measures. Others are offering more online options for clients, catering to the demand for virtual home workouts.

In states where gyms are allowed to reopen, gym owners and employees place a particular emphasis on safety and cleanliness. Gyms have reduced their capacity, with some requiring reservations to enter the doors. Others added physical partitions between equipment to keep droplets from spreading. And most have drastically increased cleaning and sanitation protocols.

However, some states still aren’t ready to allow gyms to reopen. And even when they can open, some clients simply aren’t ready to return. With that in mind, many gyms, personal trainers, and other fitness staff are going the virtual workout route.

Some personal trainers are holding Zoom calls with one or many clients at a time, charging discounted rates for their services. Other gyms are recording workouts and offering them to members online. And brands that already offered online fitness classes have seen an uptick in sales and downloads.

For now, it seems many clients prefer to work out from the safety of their homes. However, that leaves gyms – particularly the smaller facilities – struggling to stay afloat.


Activewear Brands Explode During Stay-at-Home Orders

Where brick and mortar gyms are struggling amid Coronavirus, the activewear industry is thriving. With so many of us working from home, activewear has become the new work uniform.

Retailers have seen a marked increase in demand, with some larger brands selling out at much as 40% of their inventory. And with many countries facing strict shutdowns, production slowed to an all-time low. Therefore, many brands sold what they had in stock – and then didn’t have the means to replace that inventory quickly.

As the world slowly begins getting back to work, these manufacturers are once again churning out leggings and basketball shorts, tanks and tees – and American consumers are snatching them up as fast as they hit the shelves.


Where You Can Buy Activewear for Home Workouts

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