Its pretty fun when WODBOTTOM sets up a booth at a CrossFit Competition.  We get to meet all these awesome communities of women and men all over the US.  Plus, the community what makes it so great in the first place.

But along with that comes seeing women of all shapes and sizes sweating and grunting through workouts meant to drain the body of every last ounce of power…just kidding, but it feels like that sometimes though, doesn’t it?

I love seeing a size 2 woman in little shorts and pumped muscles shatter stereotypes of what women ‘should’ be doing and what women ‘should’ look like.  And a size 2 can easily wear shorties and feel confident (*cue eye-roll for all those that still believe small women don't have confidence issues).

But what I really want to talk about are the larger women. Those with thick thighs and insulated abs.

Should they wear shorties?

If they listened to the media and society in general, they would not wear shorties.  

And that is why these are the women who impress me the most, mainly because they have something I don’t have.  Its the confidence and acceptance in themselves that makes them majestically beautiful.  If unicorns where real, they would all be unicorns.

So women of absolutely all shapes and sizes, I want my daughter to see you.  Whether you are skinny strong, thick strong, jiggly, hard as rock, or somewhere in between, keep wearing those shorties and keep lifting those weights.  Because there is nothing better for girls to see than women who reject what women “should be” or “should” look like.



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