Shout Out to Great Dads!

Shout Out to Great Dads!

We focus on women a lot here at WodBottom. We make clothing designed primarily for women, talk about domestic abuse against women, and are dedicated to empowering and encouraging women. In the midst of our female-centered business, it’s easy to forget about the great men standing beside us. From our co-founder Than Ruyle to the great husbands and fathers encircling our business and our lives, we’re lucky to be surrounded by some pretty great men.

This Father’s Day, we want to give a shout-out to the great dads who are changing lives and raising up the next generation of excellent humans.

What Makes a Great Dad?

We all have different ideas about what makes a dad great. Some people think a great dad is a guy who spends quality time with his kids, teaching them to fish and camp and throw a ball. Others believe a great dad calmly gives excellent advice to his kids as they travel through difficult times. Or, a great dad might be the guy who models integrity for his children.

Others think of great dads as men who tell really, really bad jokes. (They’re called “Dad Jokes” for a reason).

I think a great dad is a little bit of everything above.

We can all agree on one thing: Great dads show unconditional love and support for their kids, making them feel safe and secure, both as children and as adults.

Why Great Dads Matter

Research tells us that having a positive father figure plays a vital role in a child’s development.

Kids with supportive dads:

  • Are less likely to get into legal trouble
  • Tend to do better in school
  • Stay in their jobs longer
  • Are less likely to gender stereotype
  • Wait until they’re older to engage in sexual activity

Those statistics don’t just apply to children with live-in dads. Fathers who are separated from the mother, stepdads, involved male role models not related to the children, and even lesbian couples have similar positive impacts on a child’s development.

For Those Who Don’t Have Great Dads

Father’s Day can be less-than-joyous for many people, particularly those of us who grew up without a positive father figure in our lives. While we might mourn the childhood we wanted to have, Father’s Day allows us to recognize the positive male role models we did have. Perhaps it was a teacher, a coach, another family member, or a friend’s dad who modeled what a good man looks like. Focus on those men and the impressions they left on you.

Father’s Day is also difficult for those who had a great dad, who has since passed away. While Father’s Day can be painful, it’s also a great chance to remember the great dads who made positive impacts on our lives. Great dads make life-long impacts that continue long after they are gone.

While we are mentioning great dads today, let me also recognize the amazing single moms who act as both mother and father to their kids. You are truly making a difference. 

Shining the Spotlight on WodBottom’s Great Dad

You see and hear a lot from me (Emily) as the co-founder of WodBottom. But behind the scenes, very much running the show, is the other co-founder, Than Ruyle. He’s my husband, business partner, motivator, best friend, and yes, my partner-in-crime as we raise four munchkins.

I know all too well what it’s like to have a not-great father figure. So, when I watch Than parent our kids, it makes my heart swell; he is the epitome of a great dad. 

On this day, when we honor the great Dads in our lives, I want to give a special shout-out to Than. The kids and I are so lucky to have you in our lives!



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