Stay On Track with Your Fitness Goals in The Last Quarter of The Year

Stay On Track with Your Fitness Goals in The Last Quarter of The Year

At the beginning of the year, we shared with you 8 Must-Haves to Reach Your New Year Fitness Goals, now we’re back with some fitness tips and tricks to help you reach your goals and finish off the year strong.

Discover WodBottom’s five helpful hints and actionable advice you can use to make fitness goals a reality and start 2022 off on a high note.

Your Fitness Goals

Whether you made a specific resolution for New Year’s or not, you most likely set some sort of workout plan or fitness goal for yourself. Have you achieved those targets or reached that milestone? Or did they quickly fade out after a few months? Re-establishing (or maybe just establishing) your goals will help keep you on track and focused on the big picture.

Setting realistic and achievable goals for yourself is an important part of staying motivated and excited about going to the gym. But first, you need to find your “why.” This means understanding and uncovering your motivation and then setting your goals to match.

Maybe your goal is to be healthier, but what does that mean? Losing weight? Increasing your energy? Maybe it means being stronger. So, you might set your goal as “reaching new PRs in the gym” or for a specific exercise. Setting measurable goals (that you can change or increase easily once you’ve reached them) is an easy way to challenge and push yourself.

1. Track Your Progress

Are you tracking the progress of your goals? What milestones have you reached this year? It can be hard to find the motivation to continue towards your goals when you can’t see how far you’ve come already.

From daily wellness goals to specific PRs, you should be setting a timeline, creating a plan, and tracking your progress. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

2. Find a Swole Sister

A Swole Sister is a friend from CrossFit or the gym that you bonded with while celebrating PRs and pushing each other to do your best (in and out of the gym). They’re someone who will hold you accountable for your goals and your workout plan.

When you have someone by your side telling you, “YOU CAN DO IT,” you’re going to believe and be able to push yourself harder, faster, and longer.

Still looking for a Swole Sister? Learn how to find one.

3. Refresh Your Motivation

Refreshing the motivation and the little things that get you excited about going to the gym can be an extremely effective way to reignite that fire to achieve your goals. Create a new workout playlist, try a new protein shake, or treat yourself to a new pair of booty shorts.

4. Try Something New

Are exercises fizzling out for you at the gym? Try something new! A new workout, a new machine, a new class -- you don’t have to change your goals or switch up anything huge, just make little changes. Plus, they might even get you closer to your goal. Training opposite muscle groups can actually benefit growth.

5. Fuel Yourself

Taking care of yourself and fueling your body is the best way to get you to your goals. Drink lots of water, get enough sleep, eat food that fuels your body, and most of all, don’t give up on yourself. Fueling yourself mentally with positive affirmations, days off, and bonding with your Swole Sister can be beneficial for achieving all the goals you set for yourself.

Stay on top of your goals with these fitness tips and end this year strong with WodBottom.

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