Swole Sisters' Day 2022: Nomination Stories

Swole Sisters' Day 2022: Nomination Stories

It's that time again: The 4th Annual Swole Sisters' Day is August 20, 2022. It's a day made to celebrate your Swole Sister, your friendship, and the special bond you share. Our Swole Sisters are always there, from getting us a tough workout to giving us a shoulder to cry on when life throws us a curveball. 

Each year, we get hundreds of nominations from women around the country telling us why their Swole Sister deserves to be recognized. From now until Swole Sisters' Day, we will continue to highlight previous nomination stories, giving shout-outs by sharing their stories with the world.

Want to learn more about Swole Sisters' Day and how you can get involved? Check out the official website here!

Why Swole Sisters Matter

What is a Swole Sister, and why does she matter? At WodBottom, we define a Swole Sister as a person who will spot you at the gym and encourage you to do just one more rep. But she's also a woman who lifts you up and supports you outside the gym. Swole Sisters have a bond that goes far beyond WODs and runs. Our Swole Sisters are integral parts of our lives. We make each other better in body, mind, and spirit. 

Swole Sisters keep us going when we don't feel like moving our bodies. Those strong bonds – the encouragement from one strong woman to another – are like nothing else. Everyone needs a Swole Sister. And those Swole Sisters deserve to be celebrated!

If you don't have a Swole Sister, it's never too late to find one. In this blog, we tell you how and where to find your ride-or-die workout buddy. 

Swole Sisters' Day: Our Fave Nomination Stories

On August 20, we celebrate the 4th Annual Swole Sisters' Day. The event includes:

  • Prizes from WodBottom and other women-owned businesses
  • Special Swole Sisters WOD created just for this event
  • Local celebrations of Swole Sisterhood 

Want to thank your Swole Sisters and nominate them to win great prizes? We want to hear your stories! Nominate your gym bestie here

Until we announce this year's winners, enjoy some of the heart-warming responses from last year's Swole Sisters' Day nominations!

Veronica's Nomination of Mary: "To know her is to love her."
Washington, D.C. 

Why do you consider the nominee to be your "Swole Sister"?

She has been my closest friend, my platonic soulmate, for the past five years. She has seen me through some of the hardest times of my life, and I don't go a day without talking to her or seeking her advice.

How does your Swole Sister make your life better?

Mary has devoted her life to public service. She worked tirelessly through college to get a job on Capitol hill, working specifically with veterans and current military to inform her boss about important issues and create solutions for these groups. She is smart and hardworking. She makes friends with everyone she comes across, and you can see her warmth from a mile away. She always has a ball in the air and goes out of her way to assist others.

Cadey's Nomination of Kim: "Kimberly listens and loves without judgment."
Lufkin, TX

Why do you consider the nominee to be your "Swole Sister"?

Kimberly has spent the past three years bettering me as an athlete and a person. When I first started at her gym, I had had four knee surgeries and could not jump. We started me jumping on a 45# plate, and for the Crossfit Quarterfinals, I was able to do the 30' box with ease. She has worked endlessly with me to make me better. She pushed me to do muscle-ups and ring muscle-ups, pistols, and worked with me for endless PRs. She shows up every day and pushes me harder than anyone. 

She knows my capabilities and consistently believes in me. And she does all of this while working full time, being an amazing and wonderful mother, and going to nursing school.

How does your Swole Sister make your life better?

Kimberly listens and loves without judgment. No matter how sensitive I am being or how much I am struggling, she listens to me and loves me unconditionally. She has been the best semi friend a person could ask for. I wouldn't be who I am without her.

How does your Swole Sister impact the lives of others?

Kimberly always puts others before herself. She is consistently giving her time and effort to allow other people to be successful.

Desiree's Nomination of Meggan: "This girl is truly a superhero."
Rockton, IL

Why do you consider the nominee to be your "Swole Sister"?

We met at the gym and immediately clicked. I had to help scare away her "fan club" of suitors at the gym. And she helped me get stronger.

How does your Swole Sister make your life better?

She is my biggest supporter - and sometimes reality check - when it comes to my fitness and nutrition goals. More importantly than that, though, she is an amazing friend, always has my back, and we sure do laugh a lot when we're together. We are ridiculous.

How does your Swole Sister impact the lives of others?

She has a big heart and will be the first to help anyone in need, even if they don't deserve her time and energy. She has had some major bumps in her road, but she keeps moving forward and pushing herself and others to be the best they can. She inspires me and many others by just doing "her."

Anything else we should know about your awesome Swole Sister? 

There is a lot I'd love to share about the events of her life that have shaped her, but that's not my place. So, for now, I can only reiterate that this girl is truly a superhero!

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