Swole Sisters' Day 2022: Nomination Stories, Part 2

Swole Sisters' Day 2022: Nomination Stories, Part 2

Our 4th Annual Swole Sisters' Day is coming up on Saturday, August 20, 2022. We started Swole Sisters' Day as a way to celebrate our "Swole Sisters," the gym friends who are always there for us. These women get us through tough workouts, laugh at our ridiculous outfit choices, and give us a shoulder to cry on when we need it. They're our ride-or-dies, both in the gym and out. 

Each year, we get hundreds of nominations from women around the country telling us why their Swole Sister deserves to be recognized. From now until Swole Sisters' Day, we will continue to highlight previous nomination stories, giving shout-outs by sharing their stories with the world.

Want to nominate your Swole Sister? Check out the official website here!

Do You Have a Swole Sister?

Everyone needs a Swole Sister (or a Swole Mister, but that's a blog post for another time)!

Here at WodBottom, we define a Swole Sister as a woman who is strong, inside and out. She's a woman who pushes you to be better and do better, whether you're going for a new PR or trying to go after a personal dream. Swole Sisters spot us and help us, not just in the gym, but in life. 

We share a unique bond with our Swole Sisters, and that bond deserves to be celebrated!

Don't have a Swole Sister yet? Never fear! In this blog, we tell you how and where to find yours.

Swole Sisters' Day: Our Fave Nomination Stories

Saturday, August 20, is our 4th Annual Swole Sisters' Day event. The event includes:

  • Prizes from WodBottom and other women-owned businesses
  • Special Swole Sisters WOD created just for this event
  • Local celebrations of Swole Sisterhood 

Nominate your gym bestie here and brag on her awesomeness. She just might win some great prizes and have her story (and yours!) featured on our site.

Until we announce this year's winners, enjoy some of the heart-warming responses from last year's Swole Sisters' Day nominations!

Jennifer's Nomination of Sarah: "She is, bottom line, just the most amazing woman ever!"

Why do you consider the nominee to be your "Swole Sister"?

"Sarah and I work out every weekday morning together on Zoom. Right now, our zoom streak is over 120 days! We keep each other accountable to keep going on our workouts. There are days when one or both of us would like to skip a workout, but because we know the other is counting on us to be there, we show up. We do our WOD and then follow it up with an ab workout where one of us always tries to make it harder and more challenging each day. "

How does your Swole Sister make your life better?

"Sarah is such an encourager. If I am having a hard day, she always knows what to say. She keeps me accountable in my fitness journey. She always makes my kids feel welcome and loved when they appear in our Zoom chat. Even though we have never met in person, she is for sure one of my best friends."

How does your Swole Sister impact the lives of others?

"I do not know anyone else on Instagram (or in "real" life) who is more encouraging to so many amazing women during their fitness journeys than Sarah is. She tries to comment on anyone's post who has commented on hers. Other women are constantly reaching out, and she responds quickly. She has encouraged hundreds of women to try their best and keep going. She is the antithesis of cliques and will try and bring any and every wallflower into her world to feel encouraged, loved, and supported no matter where they are at in their journey. Even though she isn't a fitness coach or guru, she is whom so many women turn to."

Anything else we should know about your awesome Swole Sister?

"She is, bottom line, just the most amazing woman ever! She has overcome so much through her journey, and I REALLY hope you can get to know her.

Hailey's Nomination of Jamie: "We envy each other in ways that are constructive."

Why do you consider the nominee to be your "Swole Sister"?

"We've trained together for over five years. We know each other's strengths and weaknesses and push each other to be better versions of ourselves. We envy each other in ways that are constructive and not at all petty and undermining as some other women treat each other. "

How does your Swole Sister make your life better?

"It is rare to find someone that gets your "gym" personality as well as your "life" personality. We are there for each other, to listen, to vent, to lift, to live. She can read my expression and burst out laughing because she knows exactly what I was thinking. "

How does your Swole Sister impact the lives of others?

"She's an amazing coach and has a way of encouraging others to keep going. She's an amazing mom, adoring wife, and one hell of a business owner.

Mellisa Nomination of Crystal: "She continues to push her limits while encouraging others to reach for their own brass ring."
South Carolina"

Why do you consider the nominee to be your "Swole Sister"?

"I have known Crystal for close to 13 years. She was one of the first people I met after moving 3000 miles across the country, and from day one, I think we both knew we would always be friends. She was on a journey that wound up taking her to lose over 100 pounds on her own while building confidence in herself and helping others learn to love their bodies and what they are capable of. The fact that she is always killing it, always pushing for more, and always up for adventure while helping others is what makes her my Swole Sister. 

The greatest for me was getting to accompany Crystal on her first 50k. Already a seasoned OCR athlete, including the Ultra Beast, it was a gift to cross the finish line with her as she became an ultra runner. That was my last Ultra. A year later, I was in a cycling accident and, after a series of surgeries, lost my leg. Crystal has remained the true friend attending doctor appointments with me and assisting me to develop workouts that allow me to challenge myself while being a uniped. I can't imagine my life without her in it because not many people are willing to live every day doing ALL THE THINGS, but Crystal is always up for the adventure. "

How does your Swole Sister make your life better?

"There are some people who make you want to be better. It may be the way they interact with others, the dedication they have, their work ethic, or that you want to emulate them. Crystal is the person who makes me want to be better. 

You can't see Crystal and NOT smile. She always greets everyone with a huge mega-watt smile that brings peace, provides energy, and without saying a word, encourages others to join. After the decision was made to amputate my leg, a failed salvage, Crystal brought me the movie "I Feel Pretty" and a few books I had wanted to read. It was so thoughtful as I was facing a difficult journey with body image, not being able to work out like I was accustomed to, and would definitely need things to entertain me. 

Even post-op, Crystal attended doctor appointments hours away with me so I wouldn't be alone. When I'm struggling with current limitations, like a psychic, she will always shoot a message or text with a funny meme or something to inspire me to dig deeper and keep kicking on. Like I said, there are people who make you want to be better, and Crystal is one of those special humans. "

How does your Swole Sister impact the lives of others?

"Crystal has lost over 100 pounds on her own through diet and nutrition, and over the past 12 years, she has shared her journey transparently to inspire others to take control of their health and life. Whether at the gym, out on a ride or run, or just around town, people stop her to ask questions, and she always takes the time to talk to them. This includes teaching her cousins and nephews about the value of being active and eating so that you enjoy the food but also remain healthy. 

The greatest gift we can give to others is life, and Crystal gives the knowledge and joy of living a healthy life to everyone. "

Anything else we should know about your awesome Swole Sister? 

"There are very few people I am genuinely proud of. People that have taken on an obstacle that is overwhelming and conquered without ever giving up. It's tough to compare the meek, scared, extremely overweight girl who was afraid to work out in front of people to the confident woman who shares her love of fitness with everyone she meets and leads by example. "

"When we met, Crystal told me she wanted to be able to run, but wouldn't be any good because she was too heavy. Holding hands with her and crossing the finish of her first 50k with all the emotions was something I will forever be grateful for and never forget. The fact that she continues to push her limits while encouraging others to reach for their own brass ring means that the scared girl who hid in the women's only area on the elliptical has blossomed into a fierce competitor with compassion for those struggling. It makes her story all the more relatable and inspiring for those of us who are struggling to overcome."

Ready to nominate your Swole Sister? Fill out the nomination form here

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