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Written by Emily Ruyle

How does Technology and Fitness Intersect?

I recently spoke at a technology conference, and it made me think about how tech intersects many industries such as healthcare, insurance, finance, and fitness. For many gym owners and athletes, technology and fitness are increasingly interconnected. The more we integrate automation, artificial intelligence, data analysis, and other technological advancements, the better we become as businesses and athletes.

What is Fitness Technology?

In the world of fitness, several technology trends are impacting both gym owners and gym members.

For instance, artificial intelligence systems, or AI, are computer-based programs that mimic human behavior without human input. That is, a human creates the programs, but the computer is “smart” enough to analyze user data and predict future outcomes. Automation and other AI programs are incredibly helpful for both gym staff and athletes.

Data analysis is another essential technological advancement making fitness even more precise. Computer programs that track and analyze user data are helping both trainers and athletes create dynamic, customized fitness programs.


What Role Does Technology Play in Fitness?

Technology seemingly impacts every area of our lives, so it should be no surprise that technology and fitness go hand in hand as well. Tech programs play differing roles for gym owners, trainers, and gym members.


For Athletes

Gym-goers of all types benefit from the technology revolution, too. Smart devices, like watches and monitors, read our biological data before, during, and after workouts. Many of these devices can help us better understand how our bodies react to exercise and can help us determine which fitness programs work best for our needs.

As technology advances, many manufacturers are now offering equipment that links with your personal devices. For instance, a treadmill that automatically connects to your smartwatch, syncing data, and using artificial intelligence to learn the best pace and incline to help you maximize your heart rate. These smart wearables can also track your data and provide vital feedback on your performance, both in and out of the gym.

Furthermore, automation is moving out of the gym and into our homes. Virtual trainers are becoming increasingly popular, especially as we continue to adjust to living in a pandemic. Smart tech is helping these online training programs collect our workout results, analyze them, and then create programs we are more likely to love.

For Gym Owners

Automation and AI prove the most beneficial for gym owners. Integrating technology can help your business grow while also decreasing your overall costs.

For instance, take the automated personal assistant. This technology can be pre-programmed with information about your facility, location, opening hours, fees, and other frequently asked questions. Then, instead of paying an employee to sit and answer the phones or respond to social media messages all day, you can rely on the automated assistant to connect with current and potential clients.

Besides simply answering client questions, technology is also helpful with the check-in process. Many gyms are incorporating biometric entry (using your thumbprint to unlock the gym door, for instance) or phone apps that let users access the facility.

Similarly, artificial intelligence is hugely impactful while marketing your business. These programs can learn what your clients like, what they don’t like, which emails they read, and which social media posts they interact with most often. Then, using this data, the AI marketing program can tailor advertising that will reach your ideal audience successfully.

All of these tech advances help increase your clientele, decrease your overall spending, and keep your business running strong.


For Trainers

Trainers and other fitness professionals are using technology to tailor programs specifically designed for individual clients. Everyone’s makeup is different, and advances in technology help trainers understand their clients’ needs and create fitness programs that produce better results.

For instance, data analysis programs give personal trainers a better look at each client’s biometric reactions to exercise. Then, the trainer can use that data to determine which exercises, skills, and nutrition programs are best suited to help a client meet their fitness goals.

How Technology is Shaping the Future of Fitness

As we move into the future, technology continues to shape how, when, and why we work out. New data analysis programs are helping trainers create custom-tailored workout and nutrition programs for clients to help maximize results.

Technology is proving especially crucial to elite and professional athletes. New advances help determine physical thresholds, allowing athletes to create custom programs designed to increase performance.

Fitness is evolving as technology seeps into more parts of our daily workouts. If we can evolve with these changes, the benefits are sure to surprise us.


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