The Importance of Having a Swole Sister

The Importance of Having a Swole Sister

Girls just wanna get swole – and it’s always better getting swole with friends. If you have a Swole Sister, you know just what greatness she adds to your life. And if you DON’T have a Swole Sister? Well, it’s time to remedy that situation ASAP.

In celebration of the 3rd Annual Swole Sisters’ Day on August 21, we’re giving a special shout-out to all the Swole Sisters – and celebrating the special bond that Liftin’ Ladies share.

What is a Swole Sister?

The term “swole” refers to people who are physically strong. You can usually find them in the gym or the box, pumping iron, crushing pull-ups, and tackling workouts like a beast. Strong women don’t get that way by accident. “Swole Sisters” are two or more women who form a bond over the barbell and then extend that workout partnership outside the gym walls.

Being a Swole Sister is about more than pushing one another to get through a tough WOD. It’s a friendship forged over iron, but nurtured through encouragement, laughter, and sometimes tears. Our Swole Sisters encourage us to be the best versions of ourselves. They walk alongside us as we discover our physical, mental, and emotional strength.

And we do the very same for them.

More Than Just a Workout Buddy

Anyone who is part of a fitness community (specifically CrossFit) knows how important other people are to individual success. Having the encouragement of others makes the workouts a little easier and the time spent in the gym more rewarding.

Many of us found our Swole Sisters within the walls of our gym. But real Swole Sisters are friends that keep encouraging and supporting us outside the gym, too. Whether it’s a seemingly endless set of burpees or a challenging day at work, our Swole Sisters are there to help us overcome every obstacle.

Why Everyone Needs a Swole Sister

Swole Sisters are unique friends because they share a bond of sweat and grit. They overcome physical challenges together and chase after gains together. They celebrate PRs and stand over us, screaming (with love) to do JUST ONE MORE.

And then, our Swole Sisters embrace us, tell us they’re proud, and then we go together to get tacos and margaritas.

Everyone needs a Swole Sister because, as women, we need other strong women in our lives. There’s nothing quite like a friend who can understand both our physical struggles and the challenges we face outside of the gym. We all need women who cheer us on and offer positive insight and an encouraging word. In a world where we are surrounded by negativity, our Swole Sisters are a beacon of light, telling us that we ARE capable, strong, and unique.

Swole Sisters desperately want to see one another succeed, whether it’s mastering a new lift, getting that promotion at work, or finding happiness after a break-up.

Swole Sisters’ Day: Coming in August!

If you have a Swole Sister, you already know the incredible value she adds to your life. And if you don’t have one, why wait? Start developing friendships with other strong ladies at your gym. The relationships and community you build over a barbell can become some of the most meaningful you will ever have.

At WodBottom, we thrive on community between strong and confident women. Female empowerment comes through women building other women up. Every year, we host Swole Sisters’ Day, a day dedicated to Swole Sisterhood, fitness, and fun. You can learn more about the Swole Sisters’ Day WOD, activities, and how to nominate your Swole Sister for recognition HERE.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for August 21! Swole Sisters’ Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your Swole Sisterhood, chase some gains, and laugh with your Liftin’ Ladies. 

As strong women, there’s nothing we can’t do when we do it together.

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