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Why Is Compression Good for Muscles?

How do you choose your workout gear? Is it based on comfort? Breathability? How about how beneficial it is for your body?

Learn how compression gear benefits your body, which WodBottom athletic shorts are the best compression shorts, and how to effectively target your thigh muscles and booty.

Compression & Muscles

You can instantly recognize compression gear from its spandex-like material and tight fit. That tighter-than-usual feel is actually what benefits your muscles as you work out. It gives them support and helps improve blood circulation, often resulting in increased performance, reduced muscle fatigue, and a faster recovery process.

What is Compression Gear?

Compression gear generally consists of around 80% nylon or polyester and about 20% spandex. You can find compression garments being used by seniors to improve circulation, post-surgical patients for effective support, and professional athletes to improve their performance.

But you don’t need to suffer from arthritis or be a professional athlete just to wear compression gear. Many fitness enthusiasts find beneficial results from wearing compression gear in their everyday workouts, no matter what fitness equipment they use.


Some of the benefits you can receive from wearing compression gear during your workout include:

Increased Blood Flow & Oxygenation

Wearing compression gear can increase blood flow and therefore help the muscles get the proper oxygen they need. Plus, it eases lactic acid buildup and reduces the possibility for delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Reduced Muscle Vibration & Fatigue

One of the main reasons people love wearing compression gear is its effectiveness in controlling muscle vibration and fatigue. You know that feeling when you’re trying to push through AMRAP of box jumps, but your thigh muscles just won’t stop shaking?

The pressure compression gear puts on your muscles helps minimize movement or oscillation, helping to reduce lactic acid buildup and maintain proper body alignment. Additionally, less vibration means less chance your muscles will be overworked, and you may feel you have more energy for one more set.

Strain Prevention

Compression gear can help reduce muscle damage, supporting your muscles when stretching or pushing yourself extra hard during a strenuous workout. When tension from the compression gear you’re wearing is targeted to your muscles, it can reduce the fluid build-up and help guard your muscles against cramps or spasms.

Increased Stamina & Power

Runners often wear compression gear to increase their stamina for long runs. The compression gear works to extend the time to exhaustion, which ultimately helps improve their long-term endurance and power, ideal for those training for competitions or marathons.

Give those thick thighs a break with some compression leggings!

Faster Recovery

Remember R.I.C.E? Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation are the key components of a good recovery process.

Not only does compression gear help you recover faster after you’ve worked your muscles but wearing it during a tough session increases circulation and oxygenation to your muscles, which can help them recover faster.

Compression Shorts

Have we got you on board with compression yet?

We sure hope so! We love wearing compression shorts for our WOD, especially on leg day. Compression shorts apply pressure and target tension to certain areas of the body (the bootay). They can aid in muscle recovery after a tough round of our Booty Building Program or a groin strain from running too hard.

Our Moxie fabric is made from 73% polyester/27% Spandex. Just enough compression to keep you lifted, but plenty of stretch to get that badonkadonk down in an ATG squat.

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If you’re looking for the perfect mix of compression and stretch, our OG fabric is an 87% polyester/13% Supplex blend that keeps you comfortably supported through a calming yoga flow or a tough interval of Tabata.

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Get The Most Out of Your Workout

Whether you’re a runner wearing compression socks, a basketball player wearing a compression sleeve, or a CrossFitter wearing WodBottom compression shorts, all athletes can benefit from wearing compression gear during their workout.

Get the most out of your compression gear and your workout by targeting specific areas. Looking to build thick thighs and a boosted booty? Throw on your favorite compression shorts and do a workout focused on the butt!

Need some inspiration? Learn the best moves to boost your booty!

Shop WodBottom Shorties and try wearing compression shorts during your next workout!

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