Why People Love CrossFit

Why People Love CrossFit

Since its inception in the 1990s, CrossFit has emerged as one of the world's most popular workout programs. The combination of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, cardiovascular workouts, plyometrics, and a competitive atmosphere appeals to a wide range of athletes. But CrossFit is about more than just getting fit. The community is what keeps athletes coming to the Box for more.

6 Reasons People Love CrossFit

There's a lot to love about going to a CrossFit gym (also called the "Box") and pushing your body to its absolute limits. I could write a novel about all the ways CrossFit has made me a better person – body, mind, and spirit. But you don't want to read a novel (and I don't really want to write one), so let's stick with six reasons people love CrossFit.

1. CrossFit Promises Incredible Physical Results

There are many reasons to love CrossFit, but its popularity comes from the incredible physical results. The secret is high-intensity training, incorporating cardio, weights, and multiple muscle groups at a time. You don't have to work out for hours on end to get ripped. CrossFit has perfected the high-intensity workout, getting you to your goals faster.

Combine a high-intensity interval workout (which torches fat) with a community mindset (which encourages you to push your limits), and you're all but guaranteed to see physical results faster than you dreamed possible.

2. CrossFit Offers Variety

For those of us who hate doing miles on the dread-mill, CrossFit provides ever-changing workouts that keep us on our toes. Each day is something new. Sometimes, we don't even know what the day holds until we walk into the gym. (Not gonna lie: there are days when I see the "workout of the day," AKA "WOD," on the board and want to turn around and run away. But by then, it's too late!)

Even within each WOD, there's a ton of variety. Weights, speed ropes, abs, running or rowing – there's almost always something I like. (Almost always 😊). Some days are harder than others, some days I want to throw up, and other days cater to my strengths. CrossFit keeps it interesting – and that keeps me coming back for more.

3. Breaks Down Psychological Boundaries

CrossFit isn't just about physical strength. The challenging workouts test your mental toughness, too. Doing CrossFit has helped me recognize my own power – both the power of my muscle and the power of my mind. I've learned to take on challenges, believe I can overcome obstacles, and then gain confidence in my abilities. CrossFit made my body strong. But it made my mind even stronger.

4. Encourages Friendly Competition

CrossFit loves competition. First, there's competition against yourself. You keep track of personal records (e.g., heaviest lifts and fastest times). But there's also an entire world of competition against other athletes, both locally and around the world.

The CrossFit Open allows all athletes, from all Boxes, to compete against one another in a pre-determined set of workouts spanning more than two weeks each year. Then, the CrossFit Games highlights the best and most elite CrossFit athletes in an all-out test of skill and strength.

While no one is obligated to participate in the Open or the Games, CrossFit is an excellent home for athletes who love competing.

5. Offers Fitness at Any Age and Any Stage

While CrossFit was developed by an athlete, the program is scalable for anyone, of any fitness level, at any age. Each CrossFit gym is independently operated. The highly-trained coaching staff can help you modify the workouts to your ability level, meaning you can improve your fitness and gain new confidence. It's all about personal records – so you're always competing against yourself.

Even better, CrossFit is the perfect fitness program for older adults looking to gain or maintain muscle mass as they age. Maintaining muscle becomes harder the older we get, but CrossFit workouts keep our bodies agile and strong.

6. Provides Community and Connection

There are more than 15,000 CrossFit affiliates on nearly every continent in the world. Trust me when I say there is a CrossFit community for everyone. And the community is hands down my favorite part. The people I work out with become a second family – encouraging me to be my best self, both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If you've never been inside a Box, it's hard to explain the connection between participants, staff, and coaches. There's a common goal to overcome the day's obstacle (the WOD), and we work together to help each other accomplish that goal. Everyone matters, no matter where they come from, how athletic they are, or how heavy they lift. We have each other's backs. Being a part of my CrossFit community is something extraordinary.

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