Why We Make Funky and Fun Booty Shorts

Why We Make Funky and Fun Booty Shorts

As it turns out, adulting is kinda' hard. Life throws us curveballs – and sometimes, they hit us square in the face. But between those hard times, there is love and laughter and fun. It's those times – the good times that make life wonderful – that inspire our designs. Why do we make fun booty shorts for women? Because we want to make life a little more enjoyable for each and every one of you.

Fun Booty Shorts for Fabulous People

It's impossible to package and sell laughter, smiles, and encouragement (believe us, we tried). But we can create funky and fun designs that make people happy, and that's pretty much the same thing.

We make fun booty shorts for fun-damentally amazing people. When we design new products, whether shorts, leggings, bras, or tops, we think about the people who wear our brand. Our customers constantly inspire us through their stories of tenacity, persistence, and strength (both physical and mental). We see you working hard, living life to its fullest, and motivating one another to become better. 

Whether you're in the gym, hanging out at home, going for a run, or chasing toddlers who are melting down because they refuse to nap (yep, we've been there, too), we designed shorties that make your day just a little more fun. 

Stop Being So Serious!

Life is hard sometimes. When we started WodBottom, we wanted to create a brand that could add some light into an often too-dark and too-serious world. If we can make you smile simply by adding some tacos, bright colors, or 90s nostalgia to some fun booty shorts, that's exactly what we'll do. 

No one ever accused us of being too serious. Sure, we take our brand's reputation and our customer satisfaction very seriously. But that's about all we take seriously. We thrive on laughter and fun, both at home and in our offices. We're a little quirky (okay, maybe a LOT quirky), and we think puns and bad jokes are what makes the world go 'round. Naturally, we took our quirkiness and turned it into a clothing brand (doesn't everyone?).

We work hard, but we play harder. And we know you do, too.

We hope that adding some sassy tanks and snazzy booty shorts to your life will make the fun times even more enjoyable. 

Body Positivity Fitness Clothing

Some people say that booty shorts aren't for everyone. We say those people are full of sh*t. At WodBottom, we make booty shorts for women of all shapes and sizes. Part of our mission is to empower and encourage women to practice self-love, embracing all of who they are and how far they've come. 

As women, we've been fed so many lies about our bodies. We grew up thinking there was only one "right" way to look, only one "right" size to be, and only one "right" way to act. At WodBottom, we want to break free of society's pressure on our looks. Body positivity is a growing trend, but we can't break old habits overnight. Learning to love yourself and the skin you're in is a full-time job. But we are cheering you on!

True power comes from within; the size on your clothing label does not – and will never – determine your worth. You are worthy just as you are. So, extraordinary lady, get yourself some fun booty shorts and rock them as only you can!

Have an idea for a new design for our shorties or shirts? Send us a message on social media! We regularly use customer suggestions; if we choose your design, you'll receive the item FREE when it's released!

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