About Us

Ultimately, WodBottom was created because we are a family that loves adventure and we want more of it!  Our brand's goal is "Outfitting the Active Person for Their Workout of the Day"


Than Ruyle

I had been a Respiratory Therapist for roughly 10 years at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and most recently I was the Respiratory Manager at Select Specialty Hospital in Madison, Wi. overseeing the whole department.

I loved being a Respiratory Therapist and the challenging, exciting, and difficult situations I was put in every day. I also enjoyed being the boss, but I always found myself wishing for more time off to spend with the ones I love the most.

Although these jobs fed my desire to help people in ways I couldn’t have imagined, at the end of the day it was a job and it kept me from living a life of adventure and travel with my family.

Currently, I spend my days working alongside my beautiful wife, and our miniature schnoodle Murphy. Now I don’t have to miss out on after school activities, and the greatest gift is spending afternoons, evenings, and every weekend with our 4 kids.



Emily Ruyle

I have been an entrepreneur my whole adult life.  I started by building a commercial real estate business and a car wash manufacturing business in my 20's. Then, I grew an international marketing and web development business from scratch for the last 5 years.

If there is a rule I live by then it would be anything for adventure or an experience.  I would rather have a memory bank of interesting experiences than a house full of stuff.

After being introduced to Crossfit by Than, I had a whole new passion and appreciation in working hard and playing hard.  That and getting married in 2015 has given us a whole new adventure to go on together.   And that is WodBottom.  



How We Met

Emily and I met on match.com.  I had several hilariously, awful dates through Match.com and I was about to throw in the towel on the on-line dating scene.  However, one fateful day I saw that I had a new person like a photo on my profile.  I was happy when I saw that the photo Emily had liked was the one of me with my two sons, Connor and Aidan.  When I looked at Emily’s profile I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, and I saw that she had 2 children just like me.

After going on so many bad dinner dates in the past, and wasting money on people I never saw again, I decided that this time instead of dinner I would just suggest coffee instead.  We made plans to meet for coffee Saturday January 12, 2013.  The week leading up to the date we chatted on the phone several times, and it struck me right away that Emily was funny, witty, and a great mom.  

I had noticed on her profile that she was 6 feet tall, and while I had stretched my height a quarter inch for an even 5’10” I was worried that she wouldn’t be interested in me as I was so much shorter.  In an attempt to mask my insecurities I joked to her about our height difference and she assured me that she would wear her 4 inch heels on our date.   Well Saturday came, and sure enough Emily wore her tallest heels, towering over me by almost a foot.  She further emasculated me by not letting me pay for the coffee.  I remembered thinking there is no way she would ever see me again.  However, once we sat down, we were on a more even playing field and had a fantastic talk, eventually deciding to leave Starbucks and head next door for a stronger drink.  And so our story began.

Why The Name WodBottom?

The WodBottom brand was really a brain storm of Than's.  Its no secret that Crossfit and its sometimes torturous Wods with lunges and squats make for some nice bottoms, thus WodBottom was born.  The brand isn't limited to products for the gym, we are all about outfitting you for whatever your workout of the day may be.