Become a WODBottom

At WODBottom, community and love are at the core of all we do. We exist to help women gain confidence and find both inner and outer strength. And we want YOU to help us spread our message far and wide.

Our Mission

We sell workout gear designed for everybody - because ALL bodies are beautiful. But we also support domestic violence victims and survivors, giving a portion of every sale to Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS). DAIS helps victims and survivors by helping women and children create escape plans, find safe housing, and develop independent, successful lives separate from their abusers.

It’s a mission we take seriously. As a child, our co-founder Emily grew up in a home where domestic violence was commonplace. Like so many young girls, she internalized the message that she wasn’t good enough, smart enough, or pretty enough.

Now, she’s trying to change the narrative, helping girls and women find their inner strength by building their outer strength. With each purchase, you’re helping us build a community of women who love themselves just as they are. And more importantly, you’re building a community that supports victims of domestic violence. You’re helping them find their voice and discover their power.

The WODBottom Ambassador Program

Community means everything to us. We want to spread the love and help women all across America discover their strength, their self-confidence, and their worth.

But we need your help.

As a WODBottom Brand Ambassador, you’ll enjoy:

  • Discounts on our products
  • Discounts for friends, family, and social media followers
  • Sneak peeks and early access to new gear
  • Opportunities to earn cash and receive free goodies just by promoting our brand and our mission

How the Program Works

As a WODBottom Ambassador, you get rewarded for spreading the word about our community and our products. You control how much or how little you interact with our brand. The more you share the warm fuzzies about WODBottom and our mission to empower women, the more rewards you receive.

Earn Cash and Commission

Earn cash by completing missions. Earn commission by sharing your discount code in your bio or social media feeds and generating sales. For every purchase made through your link, you earn a commission. It’s that simple.

Get WODBottom Discount Codes

Get WODBottom discount codes by completing missions. Video your unboxing experience, leave us a review, or share your favorite shorties, leggings, and tops on your Instagram feed. Every time you complete a task, we’ll give you a credit towards WODBottom goodies. Brandbassador does consider these "gift cards", but for WodBottom, they register as one time use discount codes. You cannot combine discount codes and if you receive one of these discount codes you have to use the entire amount in one transaction otherwise your balance will not carry over.

Earn Points

Earn points through missions. Missions include tagging us on social media, leaving us a product review, following us on various social media platforms, and downloading the WODBottom app. Points help you level up so you can earn a higher commission.

Become an Ambassador

Ready to help us share the love? We’re looking for people who want to encourage confidence, build a community of strong women, and give hope to those facing difficult circumstances. If you want to help us spread the warm fuzzies to the world - and get rewarded in the process - we would love to have you join us.

Becoming a WODBottom Ambassador is easy:


  1. Download the BrandBassador App to apply as a WODBottom Ambassador.
  2. Fill in your information and submit your application.
  3. Wait for us to approve you for the program.
  4. Start promoting our mission.
  5. Enjoy your discounts, make money, and get awesome rewards.