Ambassador Info


Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Submit your application on the Brandbassador app and wait for us to approve it

Use discounts and social media to promote our missions and earn points

Redeem points you've earned completing missions for cash or discount codes

How the Program Works

Community means everything to us. As a WodBottom Brand Ambassador, you get rewarded for spreading the word about our community and our products. You control how much or how little you interact with our brand. The more you share the warm fuzzies about WodBottom and our mission to empower women, the more rewards you receive.

Put Your Discount to Work

Discounts on our products for yourself, your family, friends and social media followers.

Promote WodBottom and Our Mission

Complete missions by showing off your WodBottom Goodies and sharing photos and content on your public social media profiles

Earn Points

Earn points through missions. Missions include tagging us on social media, leaving us a product review, following us on various social media platforms, and downloading the WodBottom app. Points help you level up so you can earn a higher commission.

Earn Cash and Commission

Earn cash by completing missions. Earn commission by sharing your discount code in your bio or social media feeds and generating sales. For every purchase made through your link, you earn a commission. It’s that simple.

Get WodBottom Discount Codes

Get WodBottom discount codes by completing missions. Record your unboxing experience, leave us a review, or share your favorite goodies on your Instagram feed. Every time you complete a task, we’ll give you a credit that you can use to save some moola on your next purchase.

* Please note that Brandbassador calls these codes gift card codes, though they do not function as gift cards on our website. Brandbassador gift card codes cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers, including The Club 30% discount code. Codes are good for a one-time use only. If you do not use the entire code at once, you will forfeit any remaining balance.