Men's Ring Reviews

 This was a good product for me because I didn’t notice it at all.
I am a strongman and powerlifter competitor and I have never worn my wedding ring in the gym before. This was a good product for me because I didn’t notice it at all while training and it allowed me to train without worry of damaging my ring or hurting myself. I would highly recommend this to any strength athlete.

 Five Stars
Great Ring, comfortable and sized right. Feels like you aren’t wearing any ring at all.

 Super happy with the ring
Super happy with the ring. Lightweight and flexible. I don’t have to worry about losing it during swimming workouts or have to take it off during weight work outs. Just what I was looking for.

 Perfect Fit!!
I bought this ring to wear at my box and to wear to work as I am in health care. This ring is light and comfortable. It makes it easier to lift heavy without bending or damaging my wedding ring. At work since I wash my hands often, I don’t worry about damaging or losing my wedding ring. This is a great investment if you’re looking for a placeholder on your ring finger!! I highly recommend! Great price too!!

 This ring is fantastic! Fits well and holds up to any abuse.
This ring is fantastic! It fits well and holds up to any abuse. The logo is killer as well. Great deal!

 Perfect for the gym or work
Perfect for the gym enthusiast or hard working man in your life. Made for weight lifters as an alternative to traditional metal rings, I have found that the silicon ring is perfect for my husband who works with his hands daily. He’s an iron worker and the wedding ring I originally got for him tends to get in the way or he ends up getting the ring callus working with various tools. The silicon ring it soft and flexible and doesn’t pinch while working, plus if it is lost or damaged it’s much easier and more cost effective to replace than his expensive wedding band. I have ordered several other silicon rings and found that this one runs a bit smaller than the others offering a snug fit, if your man has larger hands I would order the next size up.

 Comfortable and classy
The silicone wedding ring I ordered from WodBottom arrived a couple of hours ago, and I really like it. It’s extremely comfortable, and the black ring I ordered is also quite classy. I haven’t been able to wear a metal ring for years – I find them uncomfortable, and they present a shock hazard when I’m doing electrical work. The WodBottom ring changes all that.

 Very Nice Ring
I received this product in the mail today and was very amazed on how good this product really is. Well, I really enjoy wearing rings of any sort as that I currently do not have a husband at the moment. However, this ring will be perfect for any man who holds a job where a regular wedding ring is not really the best way to go. The ring is very flexible and does not irritate the skin. It did not pinch or pull out the hair on bottom of my finger either. However, the ring was a little bit snug to wear even with me getting the right ring size for me.The ring can be worn in various work settings and there won’t be much of a chance of this ring falling off someone’s finger when having to move your hands a lot. Who wouldn’t want a ring like this especially when regular wedding bands are VERY COSTLY?! I would much rather end up paying for a type of ring like this except for a regular wedding band any day. I am hoping to be able to give a future husband this ring especially if he works at a difficult job setting. I would recommend this to anyone who does have a husband or just loves to wear/collect random jewelry. 

 Gold? Silver? Oh Pshaw!
Who needs a traditional ring when you can have this one? If you are active this is the ring for you! I used to have a gold wedding band and practically never wore it. I did not want it to be scratched or affect my performance in exercise. In the past week since ordering this band I have done hot yoga, Crossfit, Olympic Lifting, pull-ups, rowing, hot tubing, working and just about everything else an active person does. For the first time in my ring wearing lifestyle I did not take off my ring to be active AND…it is not scratched and it is like it’s not even there. Why spend all the money on a band or band with diamonds when you never wear it. That’s a question I had asked myself all the time. If you’ve had the same issues, this silicone ring is for you. One other cool thing is when you chalk up at the gym, the logo fills in to give a nice effect. Go try it yourself!!

 Very satisfied
This ring has worked out really well for me. My metal one kept bothering me when I wore it during exercise, especially with pull-ups or kettle bells. I kept taking it off and forgetting to put it back on. I’ve enjoyed being able to just leave this ring on because I’m totally unaware of it during my workouts.
I expected this ring to work well for exercise, but there is one bonus that I was not expecting: When I wear my metal ring for a few days I always get a little itchy and irritated underneath the band, and I usually need to remove it for a few days. Surprisingly, this has not been an issue with this ring!

 They’re comfortable, stylish
Amazing ring. It fits comfortably, is very flexible and incredibly durable…A great ring for anyone who is involved in any level of fitness training (or anyone who performs any degree of physical activity for that matter) who is afraid of scuffing up their wedding ring or even potentially injuring their finger by wearing their regular ring! I do cross-fit, Olympic lifting, and occasionally help out on my family’s farm. This ring has stood up to the test! Great purchase. I would definitely recommend this product

 Amazing product, this is a durable ring that feels like it was built to last.
Amazing product, this is a durable ring that feels like it was built to last, it looks and feels awesome. I never wore my metal ring when working out or even working because it would get in the way. Then I would always forget to put it back on, but now this will allow me to leave it on in comfort as Im working and going to the gym.

The customer service is fast, friendly and responsive to your needs. If your looking for an awesome silicone ring, then definitely get this one, you will not regret it!

 Try it out…
I received this product in exchange for my honest review. My husband has tried a few different silicone bands, but he likes this one the most. This brand seems to be a little sturdier and comes in different colors. Since he works with his hands quite a bit this product was the best alternative for him. The best part is that they have women’s bands to match. Worth a try.
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 Nice Silicone Ring
This wedding band is nice. I like how you can choose the colors you like. I went with red for the added drama.

The ring is nice and slides easily on and off the finger. The silicone makes it a great choice for outdoor events and men who are always on the run. I love how it will not clank on the keyboard when typing.

I would like to point out, this ring has a logo on it. Normally this is an issue for me, but in this case, I kind of like the logo look. The logo is a heart. The heart adds a little bit of drama to the ring.

Overall a nice silicone ring for anyone needing something​ to wear to work or on the run.

 Excellent option for active men who are constantly bending their wedding bands!
My spouse is a hard-working man who is around machinery most of the day. He’s bent and busted up his wedding band so many times that I took it away from him, put it in the safe, and bought him a $15 silver one from a major discount supercenter.

THIS is the answer to our problem!
I didn’t think he’d go for it at first, but he absolutely loves it. I seriously even told him that I didn’t mind if he just didn’t wear a wedding ring – but he chose this ring instead!
He works out at the gym, and doesn’t have to worry about bending the band, or having his finger pinched by the metal. And, when he’s working on machinery, he has no worry that his ring will get hung up on something and break his finger.
What an excellent idea, and an great product!

 Great quality and Comfortable Ring
This is a really nice good quality silicone ring. I love the logo it is awesome. We have the navy ring and it looks great. It is so dark and a very rich color. It is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. My husband has a different silicone ring and he said this one is better because the other one he has, has a ‘sharp’ edge to it. This one also fits true to size compared to the other one which is a tighter fit.

 Great ring. Doesn’t matter what youre doing, the ring can go through anything
I recently dislocated my fingers so I obviously was unable to wear my wedding band without getting it resized because my knuckles are misshapen now. So I was looking into alternatives and this one popped up. I wear my ring all the time and I don’t even feel it on my hand at all. I work out with it and at first I thought that I would still get a pinch on my hand when lifting weights, but that is not the case at all. This ring is awesome, I love it and I would recommend others buy it as well. This ring is rough and flexible and you are able to perform any task while wearing it.

 love it
I love it!!! As a CrossFit coach I’m constantly taking off my ring when I have to demonstrate a movement and with this I’m not worried about a thing. It fits perfect and I can do any movement and I don’t even notice it being on. Definitely worth it!

 Love it!!
I got this ring for my husband and he loves it. He has not stopped wearing it since he got it. Im not sure I will ever see his actual wedding ring on his finger again.

 If you like the look and its in a decent price range for you, go for it
So just a little background, I am not the biggest jewelry wearer on earth but am finally starting to wear a few bits. I will have a few reviews written about various kinds of silicone wedding bands coming up very soon. With that said, in my opinion, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with these bands as long as they fit well and look nice.

– Fit –
As with all silicone wedding bands I have worn so far, I can say that all of them have been very easy to wear for extended periods. I personally wore this one for roughly 15 hours before taking it off to go to sleep. In that time, I can say it was very easy to wear. Also the ring came exactly as expected in size.

– Looks –
This is actually my favorite one of all Silicone wedding bands in terms of looks. It has a nice noticeable insignia on it that looks nice overall in my opinion. It isn’t just a plain color or anything of that nature which I find rather boring overall. As far as the colors offered, I believe all of them would do extremely well as something anyone can wear anytime, so just pick your favorite.

– Quality/Material –
This one doesn’t feel as rubbery as some of the other bands which I consider a bonus. Also it is quite a bit thicker/heavy duty then some of the others. If any issues exist they seem very responsive to fix it.

 Excellent silicone wedding ring for any active person!

A few weeks back, my son started going to the gym on a fairly regular basis in an effort to fend off the extra pounds he usually gains during the holidays. Being the typical guy he is, he spends more time lifting weights than doing cardio, but it’s a good workout for him none-the-less. However, he learned rather quickly that he had to either take off his wedding ring at the gym and risk losing it, or deal with trying to wear it while lifting heavy weights. So to give him an even better alternative, I decided to get him this Silicone Wedding Ring.

As soon as the ring arrived, my son was impressed with the comfortable yet snug fit. He ordered a size 10, exactly like his other ring, and it fit perfectly! The silicone material is soft to the touch doesn’t feel at all rigid. My son said his first trip back to the gym was a whole new experience. Even with heavy dumbbells in each hand, he could hardly notice he was wearing it! The ring features a heart design on the front, and the brand logo inscribed inside, away from view. Overall, my son and I both recommend this ring for anyone needing the extra flexibility for exercising, work, or just everyday comfort!

I love this product. It is high quality, durable, and long lasting. Although I got this product in exchange for my review, I believe it is worth every penny. It looks amazing and feels even better. Highly recommended.

 Better than Qalo
I received my ring and out it on and went right to the gym. It was comfortable and could hardly tell I had it on. I feel that it is better then the qualo rings because of the contour of the ring and thickness. My qalo ring always felt like it would fall apart. Great product by wodbottom

 Great Ring, Super Comfortable
First I will say I did receive this at no cost in exchange for an honest review. I have tried a couple of the silicone wedding bands and of them, I like this one the best. I love the logo, and its one of the things both me and my girl like. The ring is a bit more sturdy feeling than others I have tried – extremely comfortable to wear. Others seem more rubbery and not as comfortable. As with all silicone rings, they tend to attract dust, but it washes off easily. I love being able to wear this ring when working out and not feeling like I may lose my other ring. I highly recommend this ring to anyone who is looking for a ring to wear during sports or any time when a metal band might not be the best option.

 Great Quality and Perfect if You Work with Your Hands A Lot!
These rings were just as described and are of great quality. I work out of country quite a bit and so these are great for my lifestyle and are able to handle my physical demands. Completely worth the price!

 Better safe than sorry
When I go to the gym, I make sure I don’t bring anything valuable because if you lose something at the gym these days, you most likely will never see it again. Better safe than sorry, so I leave important valuables such as my wedding band at home.

I decided to look for an athletic ring that I could wear while I was running, biking, swimming, lifting, and doing yard work, and I came across the opportunity to test the Wod-Bottom Silicone wedding ring. The concept is practical and effective.
In general, you replace your traditional wedding band with the Wod-Bottom Silicone ring, and while you are out doing physical activities, you will be at ease knowing that you won’t be dinging up or losing your ring.

In my testing, I made sure I put it through as much as I could to see if I would come up with any negative points, but I just didn’t really have any problems. When you are lifting weights, instead of having your regular band hitting the bar and getting dinged up, the Wod-Botton Silicone ring takes the beating.

When I was out running and biking, the ring felt great—I even forgot I had it on. It’s important to note that when you are exercising, the blood flow in your limbs increases, so make sure you get the right size so that you don’t choke your finger and have it turn blue!

It seems like these days everyone is dealing with different allergic reactions, but this ring is made out of medical grade silicone that is hypoallergenic. Not to mention that the rings are non-conductive. I didn’t test out the concept of electrocution, but I’m sure it passes the test!

TheWod-Botton Silicone is flexible, permitting for some stretching, so you’ll never need soap and hot water to get it off. As for keeping this ring clean, simply throw some soap and water on it, give it a scrub, and you’re good to go.
Some colored rings discolor, but this one won’t, so don’t worry about it. I am not into the vibrant colors, but they come in grey, red, white, navy, and black for men. Women’s rings come in those colors plus teal.

The reality is that some of us just hating wearing a ring or anything on our hands; In know I do. However, while wearing the WodBotton Silicone ring, I didn’t really know it was on, which I really liked.

More importantly, while you are at gym pumping iron and working hard, you’re probably clueless to the world around you. Always remember there is someone checking you out.

Most likely your athletic confidence and prowess is throwing out some serious vibes, and when you don’t have a ring on at the gym, you might end up with some attractive person trying to pay you unsolicited attention. A wedding ring is a symbol of many things, but it’s also a direct sign to ward off trouble. There is another side to the coin, and that is rings attract people. Long story short, the Wod-Bottom Silicone ring helped me out in this area. Because of that, I can truly say that not only is it effective for training, but also to ward off sticky situations! That alone makes it well worth the price!

Who is the ring for? I think it can work for everyone; however, here is a list of professions that might find this ring really useful.
*Police officers
*Business professionals
Proud Wounded Warrior […]

Besides being a great ring, this company donates 10% of all proceeds to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

 This nurse loves it!
I recommend this ring for anyone in the healthcare industry. I am an emergency room nurse as well as a flight nurse and was never able to wear my original wedding/engagement ring to work due to the it tearing my gloves and being a petri dish for the incredible nasty germs I am constantly around. I recently purchased a simple ($1,000) silver band with some inlaid small diamonds but have found that the alcohol hand sanitizer that I am constantly rubbing on my hands is an absolute death wish for any ring and leaves it tarnished and damaged. The answer? The WodBottom ring allows me to preserve my precious jewelry but still show my love for my husband and my family. It is very comfortable and is easy to clean. So far I have not noticed any effect on it by using alcohol hand sanitizer. It also allows me to wear a ring when I fly due to policies not allowing metal rings for safety purposes. I highly recommend WodBottom silicone rings for anyone in healthcare looking to for a much cleaner, safer and cost effective alternative!

 Very nice if you work around any kind of machinery
This ring is nice to have if you work around machinery or anything like that. My husband and I are both on a emergency response team and when we get called out we have to take off our ring because they can get catch in some of the machinery we work with. We don’t like having to take off our rings but we also know the dangers if we leave our rings on. So when I had the chance to review this ring I jumped on it. The ring slides on and off your finger easily and we choose the navy color because it matches our emergency uniforms and we don’t have to worry about it standing out but by all means you can choose whatever color fits you best. We have had a few co-workers asked use where we got them at cause they want one. Overall a nice silicone ring for anyone needing something​ to wear to work or on the run.

 Comfort fit! Quality design!
My husband absolutely LOVES this ring. He’s tried other non-traditional style rings in the past, but none have been quite this comfortable to him. The quality of Wodbottom rings is very impressive. The construction is very smooth and the silicone used is very durable. I can’t imagine any activity harsh enough to damage this ring.
Wodbottom rings fit very true to size. The edges and lines are very clean, adding to the overall comfort of the ring. I highly recommend this ring. 

 Awesome rings!
We received my fiance’s Wodbottom ring on time and I’m perfect condition. The ring fits true to size and is very comfortable. She loves it and we would highly suggest it to others!

 Sleek and Durable
I received the WodBottom silicon ring free in exchange for an unbiased review. I got it for my husband to wear during his workouts and he absolutely loves it. It fits snug and isn’t constricting. It’s sleek and not bulky. It comes in a variety of colors and is extremely durable. He hasn’t taken it off since getting it in the mail.

 A satisfying ring replacement
-After two days of testing, the ring has taken everything I’ve thrown at it, from heavy snatches to butterfly pull ups. No signs of wear whatsoever. It also doesn’t irritate my finger when lifting.

-The material makes it a comfortable wear; I hardly noticed it throughout the day and hardly fidgeted with it, despite not usually doing well with jewelry.

-It looks rather nice, being made of a similar material a lot of fitness bands are made of. Doesn’t look like a cheap piece of plastic or rubber.

-As a bonus, it doesn’t snag in my long hair when I shower. The material doesn’t really catch on anything, despite what I would have thought looking at it.

 My husband and I are pretty tough on our silicone wedding rings as we are rock climbers
My husband and I are pretty tough on our silicone wedding rings as we are rock climbers, so having our rings be good quality is very important. This silicone is perfect, just the right amount of flexibility, but still strong enough to be durable. It is thick enough that it won’t rip or tear easily, but not so thick that it’s uncomfortable. In fact, my husband hardly feels it when it is there.
The color is really nice too.

 Perfect ring for my father who is a mechanic
My dad is a mechanic and can’t wear his gold band when he works on cars so I have ordered him silicone wedding bands so he can still wear a band without worrying about bending or causing other harm to his gold band. He really likes this ring and recommends it for anyone that has an active lifestyle or a career that is more labor intensive. 

 Multiple Color Choices!
My honey is away until next Tuesday. I haven’t yet decided if I should give it to him when he gets home (he’s been gone for four months) or if I should just wait until Christmas which is only two days later. I love this ring and I’m sure he will too. Very durable with a modern design. A bonus is that I was able to get this in his favorite color of blue. Most of these types of rings are only available in black, white, and grey. This company offers many choices which is wonderful. And in case nobody noticed, this company also donates 10 percent of their proceeds to charity. Bonus!!! I love purchasing products from companies who give back. 

 I’ve had other rings that didn’t hold up for anything
I’ve had other rings like this that didn’t hold up for anything. Being a Police Officer I need something that can take a little abuse and this has been the only ring like this that was able to do it.

 Best gift ever!
I love how easy to clean and sleek these are! I bought one for my husband at a discount in exchange for an honest review. There’s no more worrying about getting his ring caught and losing a finger. For the men who do lots of heavy machinery work, weight lifting, or general hard labor… These are perfect! It fits well and is easy to take on and off.

 Great quality silicon ring!
Shipping on the ring was very quick. I ordered the black men’s ring for my husband. It’s a good quality silicone ring, my husband says it’s very comfortable to wear during workouts and he ends up wearing it all day. Wodbottom logo stamped on the ring is very cool!!

 I love that this ring is a soft silicone and doesn’t pinch my finger when lifting
I love that this ring is a soft silicon and doesn’t pinch my finger when lifting. And the design logo is super cute!

 It came in nice simple packaging
I received this product with a heavy discount in exchange for an honest review. I received the product quickly after placing my order. It came in nice simple packaging. I have worn it though several WODS and I have barely noticed it be great there. The ring shows no signs of wear after several workouts with a barbell and on the rig! This is an excellent product and does the job exactly like it is supposed to do.

 He says the silicone ring is amazingly comfortable and doesn’t even know he is wearing it/strong>
I got this ring for my husband because he loves working in his wood shop and spends a lot of time out doors. He says the silicone ring is amazingly comfortable and doesn’t even know he is wearing it. Plus I don’t have to worry about him getting injured, like amputation or de-gloving.

 Five Stars
Fits great.

 This is what you need if your wedding ring is a problem during weightlifting
Perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable and safe ring to wear while working out/lifting weights etc.

 Great ring! Very comfortable!
This ring is so comfortable and perfect for wearing when you don’t want to risk damaging your real wedding band! 

 Great buy!
Very nice! I previously ordered a qalo ring for my husband, which he lost. They no longer had his size in the ring I wanted, so I found you guys and to my surprise the ring is just as great of quality!! He’s an electrician so these silicone rings are amazing in his line of work! No worry of any electricity arching off his wedding band anymore thank you!

 Soft, Safe, and Durable
A solid ring that is soft and comfortable, but at the same time durable. I wore it for a day and never really noticed that it was there. These are the types of rings that are good for people who have jobs that cause a lot of wear and tear on their fingers. They’re more of a rubber type of material, so they can handle the abuse, but if your finger was ever to get caught in some type of machinery the ring would also tear, instead of ripping your finger off with it. It’s solid, it’s durable, nothing flashy, just a good ring to do the job you got it for.

 Awesome company. Get one.

This ring is awesome. You can’t even tell you have it on. It’s lightweight and looks really good. I was worried about how it would feel during exercises on the rig. No worries. Doesn’t even feel like you have anything on. This is a great product with even better customer service. Thank you.

 These are comfortable, functional
I was searching for a “sentimental” gift for Christmas for my husband. Christmas Eve marked the 20 year Anniversary of our engagement. My husband can’t wear his gold band because of his job and we both lift weights, so metal bands are very uncomfortable! Long story short.. I “recreated” his proposal and made him tear up! Thank you Wodbottom rings! These are comfortable, functional, and a great representation of not only our commitment to each other but also our commitment to our active lifestyles!

 This product is great. Great quality!
This product is great. Great quality! This company provides high customer service and a great product. I highly recommend this product and working with this company. 

 Overall a really great silicone ring for those of us that need to wear one of these either all the time or for work/working-out. Well Made and True to Size
As a Paramedic, I can’t take the risk of a piece of metal surrounding my finger. I have seen the damage a constriction injury can leave. With a silicone ring, I can still show my commitment to my marriage and keep the piece of mind knowing I can easily remove the band in case of emergency or swelling.

This band from Wodbottom is especially well made. When I opened it, the first thing I noticed is the smooth, finely cast shape. It was made exactly true to size. It had perfect elasticity, staying on my finger without feeling tight. I used the ring at work, in the gym, and slept in it. I forgot it was there. It is very light and did not bother my hand while lifting, like my metal ring does. I am very happy with this ring.


Overall a nice silicone ring for anyone needing something​ to wear to work or on the run.

 Thoughtful present for that active person you love!
I really flexible ring for someone with an active lifestyle. I gave this as a gift and I think it is a wonderful way to show someone you really care. I really like the cute heart design! #WodBottom

 Fantastic ring for working out!
It’s great for working out and is exactly what I wanted! I couldn’t be more pleased with the purchase.
Thanks Wodbottom!

 Great backup ring for sports and construction workers
This hypo allergic, medical grade silicone ring is perfect for those involved in sport, camping, crossfit, or for those of you who generally spend a lot of time in the gym.
Due to the fact that my fiancé works with heavy machinery and on construction sites where metal jewelry may become a safety hazard, this is an awesome back up option!

 Super Comfortable
Wodbottom’s customer service is amazing. They are friendly and respond to any questions quickly. This ring feels like nothing is there. Highly recommended.

 He really likes it!
Hello, we received this ring in Navy. We are getting married in about 3 wks, my fiance started wearing this ring the day we received it. It is lightweight and comfortable for him. He really likes it and since he admits he is prone to losing things, this is a good choice for us. Also, these would be good for construction workers, electricians or weight lifters.

 So comfortable, he forgot he was wearing it!
I actually have never heard of silicone wedding rings until just recently. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, i thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to get one of these for my husband! My husband does granite fabrication as his job, and is always doing other various work around the house every weekend. I’m kind of leery about getting him a nice expensive ring, since it’d just get all scratched up really quick.
​The Silicone ring is made of 100% medical grade silicone that is hypoallergenic and non-conductive. They are made to stand up to vigorous or high performance activity. Well, that sounds perfect for my hard working man!
Honestly, my husband was a little skeptical when I presented him with this ring, but I sweetened him up to wearing it for me. I put it on him, and he went to work in the backyard doing some heavy work. After about an hour, I went and asked him how the ring was doing. He was confused for a second, then said he forgot he was even wearing it, it was that comfortable! His only complaint was that it kinda made his finger a little sweaty. We are both very pleased with this nifty little ring, and I’ll most likely be getting myself one pretty soon too!

 Stands Up to Heavy Use and Looks Great
I ordered this silicone wedding ring by Wodbottom for my husband, who works an active job as a delivery driver, and asked him to really put it to the test. He’s been wearing it nonstop throughout his active days – at work, at the gym, working around the house. Sleeping at night. He’s kept this ring on nonstop, then brought it to me to check out.

I was amazed – it looks the same as if I’d just taken it out of the box. Silicone rings have a tendency to pick up a lot of dust, but a quick rub and this was clean again. The band was in great shape – not stretched out of its original size, misshapen, or otherwise damaged.

We both like the unique look of this ring with the stamped design on the band. It looks sharp, and as my husband’s test went to proof, it can withstand a good beating through a lot of use and wear and tear.

 On the go
These Silicone Wedding Bands are exactly what I was looking for. We are very active people and needless to say normal wear on jewelry or even our hands alone can be very extreme. So when I can across this silicone ring I was very excited, finally a rig that can take what everyday life has to throw at us. It’s great we can swap our real rings out for this when we need to or even just wear it for awhile when we know we would be taking our rings on and off with the potential to lose them. The black was very nice, I wouldn’t say its was necessarily dull but you knew it was black. It’s comfortable doesn’t restrict blood flow to the finger but also doesn’t really move around. Overall I would recommend this to anyone who is hard on their hands like we are, it really is a great buy.

 Great ring for men who don’t like rings
We are not ring people here at my house. My other half works outside with vehicles either changing tires or delivering fuel so he does not like any bulky rings to interfere. This ring is just right for people who work in any field. The silicone wedding band is a good option for any man. I liked the I heart U inscription to serve as a reminder that the person is taken however it is hard to notice it on the dark silicone ring. Jim has been wearing the ring for about a week now and I asked him this morning what he thought about it since he hates jewelry of any sort and he told me he forgot he has it on. So you see men you will not even realize you are wearing jewelry after the first half hour so it is a perfect ring to have. 

 So comfortable
This ring is so comfortable. Since it’s a mens and wider than a womens, I wear it on my middle finger. The flexibility makes it worry and trouble free and no matter what your doing you hardly notice it’s there. I’m very happy with this ring and would recommend it to anyone. 

 Very nice and comfortable
I have tried several silicone rings lately and I absolutely love them. My husband and I both wear them, not as wedding rings (we have ours tattooed on), but just as accessories. I got this at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I was very happy to find a silicone ring that is not plain and black, not that I don’t love them, but having a variety is great. I chose the red ring and the pattern on it is very nice.

Wodbottom has this very nice line of silicone rings that I absolutely love. These are also great for people who’s job makes wearing a metal ring unsafe. These are easy to clean and there is no way they will turn your finger colors, and you never have to worry about bending or scratching them.

 Five Stars
Wonderful product and perfect my husband who is a firefighter!

 Five Stars
Ring looks great. Feels feat. And fits great!

 and we both love them. I’ve been working as a personal trainer…
I ordered rings for my husband and I, and we both love them. I’ve been working as a personal trainer in gyms for years and wish I’d had this a long time ago! My husband wants to wear his all the time.

 Great for Landscapers!I am kind of jealous of my husband. We got different brands of silicone rings (long story) and his is made much better than mine. This ring is thick and hefty-which makes it look really grand. Mine is very wimpy and flimsy. I love the little heart on it (mine has nothing) as well.
He’s a landscaper so this ring is just perfect for him. He doesn’t have to worry about getting it messed up or even losing it. He got it in red, which is not a bright red but more of a brick red.
These are a great concept, and this brand in particular is carrying out the idea very well.

 A great option if you work with your hands
I have been wearing my black silicone wedding band in conjunction with my tungsten carbide ring; one on each hand. This provoked many questions from my co-workers, who asked if I had two wives. I then explained that I had received the band for free to review and describe its merits and my opinions. Being a chef, my first wedding band was gold and took heavy damage from the constant contact with other metals. I later opted for tungsten, which has not a single scratch. The problem with an indestructible ring is that if it gets caught on equipment, it will take your finger off with it. The beauty of the silicone ring is that it is pliable. Granted, it doesn’t have the bling of metal rings, but it is very practical for those of us that work with our hands. It is perfect for something you can wear to work without worrying about your finger or where you left your expensive band when you took it off. Bonus- your wife won’t worry that you aren’t wearing your wedding ring at work. 

 Silicone wedding rings, hypoallergenic, comfortable to wear                         At first I thought the idea of wearing a replacement ring is kind of silly, but now I have two of these rings.. lol. This Silicon Wedding Ring for Men is very helpful for an active person who involves in lots of physical activities like me.

1. These rings actually look really cool. First I bought the black one, then I also bought the white one just because I liked it a lot, now I wear my white ring more often.

2. I never get used to wearing a ring, I never feel comfortable it just feels weird. But after I wear this silicone ring, I think I know what's wrong, maybe it's the metal that made me feel uncomfortable. I don't have any problem at all wearing these silicone rings.

3. I'm a mechanic, so besides the wedding ring often got in the way of my work, I constantly damaged it. So this is a great solution for me.

 Five Stars

These are great!  Can't even feel them on your finger.