Swole Sister Winner!


Nominated by Kelly Ashton who submitted these great things about her Swole Sister:

Leslie is my boss. She also owns my CrossFit gym (Summit CrossFit in Asheville, NC) and, she’s also my absolute best friend and swole sister. The latter being the first and foremost, always and forever. Leslie works so hard to ensure her members have a clean, safe, and amazing experience at her CrossFit gym, together with her husband. While her husband does our incredible programming in Summit CF, Leslie is the butt-busting, badass, boss-babe, that’s behind the scenes, keeping all those cogs turning so smoothly. Leslie makes me feel seen and heard, both as her employee/coach, and as her friend.

Not only has she overcome mountains of adversities that could have kept her from achieving what she has (like moving here from another country at the age of 12, and then living in the states on her own after the age of 16) she has done so with love and with grace. As a friend, she has been endlessly encouraging to my personal growth, as well as my growth as a CrossFit athlete and coach. I’ve never had a friend that has made me feel as strong, as beautiful, and as powerful as she does. This woman has given me the priceless gift of enduring support through many of my own trials and hardships, as well as a job that I love, and the confidence to be a great athlete and coach.

Why does Leslie Deserve to Win?

Leslie is an absolutely amazing NEW mommy! She had her beautiful daughter in January of this year, and she gives that little girl the most beautiful, overflowing, and abounding love. And, all while still keeping our CrossFit gym running like a well-oiled machine. Leslie is an inspiration to all her members with how hard she works to keep our gym in 5-star review land on Google, and with how hard she commits to, not only her own fitness, but also the athletic advancements of all of her members.

She is always joyfully willing to give the extra time and energy to teach a new and veteran member the fine details of a movement new or challenging to them. (She has so much patience and grace while she does so, too.) Leslie makes all of her members feel welcome and heard, it’s apparent how much she cares about her daughter, her friends, her members, and her gym.