Swole Sister's Day celebrates the supportive and inspiring community women create with each other in the gym.



Michelle Larson

Bluffton, SC

Nominated by her Swole Sister, Mandy Howard


What does being a swole sister mean to you?


Being a swole sister means being a motivator, a supporter, a co-competitor, a post-wod celebrator, a friend to go to during wods and outside of wods. Swole sisters push each other in the gym, but are there for each other 24/7 even for tough stuff.


Why does your swole sister deserve to win?


My swole sister has been my best friend ever since I relocated to this new state over four years ago. She pushes me and competes with me. She puts up with my ridiculous matching outfits even though she's my opposite when it comes to clothes. Our favorites are the wodbottom dinosaur shorties with our team name: Trapasaurus and Cardioraptur. People ask us if we plan our matching outfits...the answer is YES!!


Michelle supports me in whatever challenge I pick up.


I decided to run my first marathon and she trained long runs with me every Sunday no matter what she was doing (even in the snow) and despite having no desire to run a marathon. On the day of the marathon, she showed up with a made-up bib that said, "Mandy's Support Runner" and brought my favorite flavor of gatorade. She held that gatorade and ran with me for 6 miles out of my marathon. That support was so huge and was one of the best days of my life, which was mainly special because of the support I had.


She's there for me at odd hours with little notice. For example, she judged me for 20.5 at 10pm on a Thursday night before I had to jump on plane out of the country.


She's my covid support. During quarantine conditions, she was my garage workout partner and competitor. She still came to workout with me and listened to my frustrations over the long work hours we were experiencing at my job due to covid.


There are many in depth conversations that happen at our barbell and on the floor of the garage or gym. We supported each other during this tough time and we continue to do so no matter what life throws at us. She's better than a best friend, she's my SWOLE SISTER - and yes we even have matching swole sister tanks!! Of course!!


How does your swole sister impact your or others lives?


My swole sister, Michelle, is always supportive of myself and others during tough times. My dog has been hospitalized with heart failure a couple of times this past year and she is always immediately available to come by and support me.


We get our emotions out with our wod and conversations. She's also a coach and helps many athletes at our gym. She works particularly well with one of our special needs athlete due to her ability to be calm and gain rapport with others. She takes get coaching to a whole other level by taping workout programming for senior citizens at her work during covid in order to try and help others, but also maintain social distancing. This is not her main job function, but she did so on her own time in order to help better the community she works for.


Michelle is kind and selfless and we are lucky to have her in our lives!!


CrossFit Gym: May River Fitness in Bluffington, SC