Women's Ring Reviews

 Very impressed.
I received my ring and was very impressed with the way that it fits. If you are someone who is very active but still want to wear a ring you should definitely check this out! It seems to be well made and looks great on. It seemed to fit true to size. I would recommend you check it out.

 I love this ring
I love this ring. It feels like a durable and high quality product. It looks great, the color is awesome (I have the Teal) and gives it a pop compared to other silicone rings. The logo on it is adorable and makes it stand out more. It isn’t too bulky like some other silicone rings I have seen. It is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I Definitely forget I am even wearing it. I ordered a size 8 and it fits perfectly. I love a company that backs up their product and this one does 100%.
I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. My opinions and experiences are my own.

 Good ring
cute ring to wear when you are out and about working in the yard or garden. dont worry about losing your diamonds in your good wedding ring

This ring is fantastic! It fits well and holds up to anything!
This ring is fantastic! It fits well and holds up to any abuse. The logo is killer as well. Great deal!

 Looks great, very comfortable and doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing anything
Received yesterday. Looks great, very comfortable and doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing anything. Just wore to the gym for my morning workout. Does not interfere with lifting weights or provide any discomfort. I will be wearing this to the gym to workout everyday. I ordered a size 7, my ring size is 7.25. It fits perfect. 

Flexible Ring
This ring has been very comfortable to wear so far. I like how this ring is very flexible and does not pinch the skin when wearing it. The product is very light and not bulky at all. It was a bit snug, but that makes this ring even better as that I won’t end up losing it. I do wear around a size 9 or 10, but this company did not have a size 10 in the woman’s ring. If I did lose it somehow, I would be able to purchase another one much easier than regular rings or a regular wedding band. I love the logo on this product as well. The logo makes it stand out from other silicone ring companies even though it’s really hard to see with the ring being black(As it was the color I had gotten out since I really didn’t have to ask for anyone’s opinion on the color). This product will able to see its use sometime in the near future as well since I am not currently married. I just love different types of jewelry and that I did get chosen to try this product out as well. This ring is very recommended for anyone who does have a loved one or just loves to wear different kinds of jewelry. 

 I love it, i can wear it at work and at workouts!
I love it! Fits comfortable, fun color, I can wear it at work and during my workout. Thanks Wodbottom.

 Really Cute!
This Silicone Wedding Ring for Women, Silicone Rings Perfect for Crossfit, Wods, Swimming, Sports, Outdoors. Replace Your Wedding Band with a Hypoallergeni is really one little cute ring. It is comfy to wear.. I love the color and they have many to choose form, i love the heart that it has on it. I like that it is stretchy and you can see that the product is made really well.
If you are looking for a silicone wedding ring or just a ring this is the perfect ring for you

 comfortable, and works with my hands when I’m working
I got this ring to wear to wear while I’m more active. It’s flexible, comfortable, and works with my hands when I’m working at the dairy. It’s easy to clean. I’m very happy with it. I received this product free or at a discount to provide an unbiased review.
By Kelsey Horvath on December 10, 2015

 Great ring. I love the color
Great ring. I love the color. I also love the fact that this company thinks about us women maybe needing a silicone wedding band also. There are tons of men’s rings out there very few women’s. This has a very pretty heart with what I describe as a barbell through it. I chose the size 8 since I am a 7 1/2 and it fits nicely, it does not squeeze nor does it try to fall off.
I love that this company donates 10% of all proceeds to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. This alone would keep me coming back to them. But the great quality of their product is just another great reason to come back again.

 Design is lovely!!
This wedding band is super soft, it has a beautiful design and it fits very well, the size is perfect. I love the little heart, material is nice and soft.

 I love this ring!

Wearing my metal wedding ring has always been a pain; you can’t work out with it, gets snagged on things, and I tend to fidget with it.

Well designed, great logo, and a very nice smooth feel. I ordered a second for my wife!

 I love it!
I love this ring. I only wish I would have bought it sooner. I wear a 5 3/4 wedding ring and ordered a 6 it fits great. I was worried about it making my finger look fat but it does not squeeze it. It does not slide working out. I didn’t even notice I had it on. I have done pull ups, barbell lifts and swimming with it. I will be buying one for my husband. I did receive this at a discounted or free price but my review is not based on that. This is a wonderful ring and all the ladies I work out with loved it. Thank you for the wonderful product.

 Perfect for an active lifestyle
I had wanted one of these rings for a while for when I workout and practice roller derby. It fits so well and even when I use my lifting gloves it doesn’t get uncomfortable. The fit is amazing and the silicone is super comfortable. I got the teal color and it is so rich and beautiful. Definitely worth the purchase.

 Flexible material – perfect for weight lifting
Flexible material – perfect for weight lifting! I loved the heart design detail. This ring is a different, fun, safe band to wear during activity.

 Great ring
This ring fits nicely and is rip resistant. The silicone is nice and strong so the ring can be worn while working or doing other tasks that can damage a normal wedding ring. The band is thick width wise so it is a little bigger than a normal wedding ring. The silicone is flexible allowing for some stretching if it gets stuck on your finger. The silicone is easy to wash if it gets dirty just have to use some soapy water. The silicone wont make your finger smell or discolor it like other rings can do. The color is solid and pretty vibrant. Overall a great product!

 I love this ring
I love this ring! It is classy, comfortable, and I love the logo. I bought the gray, but I may need one in every color

 Try it at least…
This is the first band I have had like this. It is very flexible and I do not even feel it in my finger. With having 4 children my hands are always getting into something. With this product being made of silicone, it is quite easy for me to clean and get back to day to day life. Would recommend this to mothers who are tired of cleaning out metal ring sets.
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My husband loves these type of silicone wedding bands . Ive always was curious and wanted to try some for myself. I got mine in teal but there is also black, grey and navy blue to choose from. I have really small fingers and have trouble finding rings that are a size 5. I was surprised when i saw that they had sizes 5, 6 , 7,8, and 9 to choose from. My expirience wearing a silicone wedding band has been great. There perfect for just about any activity i can think of. There really flexible and comfortable to wear. I like i can wash dishes, do laundry, workout, and do anything that before i would remove my wedding band to do. Now i just do what ever i want without having to worry if im going to mess up my wedding band. I cant wait to try more colors. Im really happy with my silicone ring and think its just great overall.

 Ring great for working out!!!!
Great item! Vey pleased with testing this product. I can workout with it and I can’t feel it on! The only thing they need is more variety of colors!

I wear this every day. I wear a size 5.5 normally but got a 7 in the ring. I’ve done toes to bar, pullups, squat cleans, everything in this and its amazing. I’m very pleased with the pricing of this as well. Very very reasonable~

Thank you for letting me try this out!!!! I LOVE IT.

 I love the look and feel of it
This is really a cute idea. I love the look and feel of it. It is made of Silicone. It does bend and it is easy to clean up. This is a great idea for those that do so many activities that are afraid of losing their real wedding ring. It comes in many colors and has a cute heart on the ring. So you can have a color that matches anything you wear. And the best part is it does not feel like you have anything on your finger at all.

 Love it!
I have wedding sets but this ring is perfect for me. I’m a cosmetologist so I was always concerned about my wedding sets becoming damaged. Now I can wear a ring and not worry about it. They even have the silicone rings for men so you can wear them as a couple. The ring fits snug and it feels a size smaller so you may want to order one size up. But I absolutely love the ring it seems they are becoming an affordable trend now I love that. They come in different colors which is really cool. 

 Very nice if you work around any kind of machinery
This ring is nice to have if you work around machinery or anything like that. My husband and I are both on a emergency response team and when we get called out we have to take off our ring because they can get catch in some of the machinery we work with. We don’t like having to take off our rings but we also know the dangers if we leave our rings on. So when I had the chance to review this ring I jumped on it. The ring slides on and off your finger easily and we choose the navy color because it matches our emergency uniforms and we don’t have to worry about it standing out but by all means you can choose whatever color fits you best. We have had a few co-workers asked use where we got them at cause they want one. Overall a nice silicone ring for anyone needing something​ to wear to work or on the run.

 LOVE this ring
Wodbottom makes an awesome ring! With its high quality design and great attention to detail, this ring can be worn practically anywhere. It’s trendy, modern, fun, and more importantly, it’s wildly comfortable. I wear mine to the gym and I forget I’m wearing a ring, it’s that comfortable. The ring fits very true to size, which has been a problem for me in the past. So definitely buy with confidence. I highly recommend Wodbottom rings! My husband has a Wodbottom ring as well and is equally as satisfied and impressed with the high quality construction and comfortable fit.

 good idea, well made
I’ve been reading a lot about these, & I was given the opportunity to try one in exchange for reviewing its quality performance, and I was really looking forward to trying it out. The really interesting. It’s simple, just a silicone wedding band. But at the same time it has some nice details. Its rounded around the edges to be very comfortable, and it is engraved for a bit of style. Meant to be worn when you can’t wear a regular metal ring. Protect your hands, and your investment while still showing the world you are in love. Fit well. I actually went down half a size, and it fit fine. It stretches a bit. These are very strong, I don’t imagine they will wear out, even if you wear it for years.

 WodBottom rings are awesome!
We received my fiance’s Wodbottom ring on time and I’m perfect condition. The ring fits true to size and is very comfortable. She loves it and we would highly suggest it to others!

 Sleek and Durable
I received the WodBottom silicon ring free in exchange for an unbiased review. I absolutely love my ring. It fits snug and isn’t constricting. I also like that it is sleek and not bulky. It comes in a variety of colors and is extremely durable. I haven’t taken it off since getting it in the mail.

 This ring has to be one of the most comfortable things I own
This ring has to be one of the most comfortable things I own. I barely knew it was there once I slipped it on. I traveled with it on and lifted several times with it on and zero issues.. If you want a good alternative to metal rings so they don’t get messed up in the gym – this is definitely what you want. It has a really cool logo on it as well- I can’t say enough positive things! Awesome product and true to size.

 Perfect ring for anyone wanting to keep their rings safe
Fantastic ring! I own a CrossFit gym and don’t want my wedding ring to get bent or ruined while I lift so I haven’t been wearing it. I’ve been interested in trying one of the silicone rings when I received an opportunity to try the WodBottom ring in exchange for an honest review. I’ve been wearing it non-stop for 4 days now and I absolutely love it. I was between size so emailed and received a prompt response to size up. It fits perfectly, loose enough so that I can slip it on and off if I want but not so loose that I can lose it. I chose the teal color b/c it’s different and doesn’t look like it would get as dirty. I’ve already received tons of compliments. My husband works in the restaurant industry so I’ll be ordering him one for Christmas.

 Shopped super fast, fits well
Quality product, shipped super fast, fits well!

 Great ring!
As a trainer I usally go ringless, but this ring is so comfortable I dont even realize its on my finger. It literaly moves with you and does not chafe or pinch.

 Great quality silicone,very comfortable
My husband and I are pretty tough on our silicone wedding rings as we are rock climbers, so having our rings be good quality is very important. This silicone is perfect, just the right amount of flexibility, but still strong enough to be durable. It is thick enough that it won’t rip or tear easily, but not so thick that it’s uncomfortable. In fact, I don’t even feel it when I have it on.
The color is really nice too, the navy is different enough but it’s not obnoxious!

 LOVE these bands and I will be purchasing more colors
Love, Love, Love these rings. I love the color choices and I love being able to wear my band always now. I can’t wear my traditional, diamond wedding band at my job because I work at a nursing home. It would be dangerous for me, my residents and chances are it would get ruined or lost. I could scratch someone or get my finger caught in some of the equipment we use or lose my diamond or the entire ring. I wash my hands every few minutes and put on/take off disposable gloves just as often. I absolutely loved having this ring as a replacement band and save my traditional ring for special occasions out now. I can wear this ring working out at the gym, working in the garden, working on the car or anything. They are perfect for womens fingers. They are not too think and not too wide. They are really the perfect fit and so comfortable to wear you don’t notice them on at all. The box it arrived in was a bit of an overkill but other then that it’s perfect. They could save a lot in shipping by fixing this error.

As luck would have it, last night was an extremely busy night at the nursing home. When I came into work for 4 hours they were so behind I was giving bath’s for 3 of those hours and somewhere in the process lost my Wodbottom band. I was moving too fast and put on a million gloves and took off a million gloves and put lotion on numerous residents so I am not surprised. While I am really bummed out about it I am thrilled that it wasn’t my real wedding band and at this price I can order myself another one. (Which I will but I’ll wait until after the holidays).
Thank you Wodbottom. I love these bands.

 Love this ring!
Love this ring! Very comfortable. I was amazed I was able to do kipping pull ups without the ring pinching my hands.

 this has been a great help. Very pleased with my new ring
My calluses are well maintained and yet rings will still ‘pinch’ my skin. These rings are soft and allow my calluses to remain unpinched, this has been a great help. Very pleased with my new ring and love the barbell on it too!

 I love this silicone wedding ring by WodBottom!
I haven’t taken my ring off since I got it three weeks ago. I love this silicone wedding ring by WodBottom! I do ecological restoration work and spend a lot of time outdoors using tools. My diamond wedding ring constantly would get caught on things and I was concerned I would damage it or get hurt. Its amazing I haven’t been injured given so many close calls. I am thankful when I wear my silicone ring I don’t have to worry about injury or damage. I saw how Jimmy Fallon almost had his finger amputated because he tripped on a rug at home and snagged his ring. He spent 6 hours in the emergency room! My Grandfather actually lost his half his finger at his job because of his ring. No Joke! I am so glad that won’t happen to me!

 A loved Christmas present
I bought this for my paramedic wife for Christmas and she absolutely loves it. We just got married in August of this year so it’s been hard for her not to wear her ring while she is not home. Now she can show that she is taken! Thank you!

 Great product, just what I needed
Excellent ring, fits perfectly…good quality….and is perfect for not getting hurt during workouts. I love it!

 Good, comfortable ring
I love this ring! I forget I have it on its so comfortable! I wear it when working with my horses! Love this ring!

 My silicone ring!
I love my silicone ring. I first found out about them when a coworker kept knocking her stones out of her wedding ring and her husband got tired of replacing her ring so he gave her one of these. I was ecstatic to find out such a thing exists; especially since my husband works in electrical and was able to get him a ring for work. After finding out how wonderful it was in person I had to get one. No sweating, blistering, or bad smell! I now have a ring that fits me perfect for my hikes, swimming, fishing, playing ball with my boys, etc. Now I wont worry about becoming my mom and losing my ring in the ocean! haha. 

 I love my ring and the Wod Bottom logo
I love my ring and the Wod Bottom logo! It did not twist or feel uncomfortable during my lifts.

 Love it!
Just got mine in the mail today! Super comfy, perfect fit using the ring sizing website, and navy blue is just as pictured in the description photos.

 Just as good as the more expensive brands
Fits true to size. Great quality, I can barely tell I am wearing it!

 I wear this ring more than my tradition set…perfect for work, play, & travel
I have always looked at silicone rings to wear as a backup for working out or to work. Working in the medical field, I am always fearful of wearing my wedding set to work and harming a patient due to the stones on the rings. The WOD ring allows me to work without fear or harming others or myself.
The ring comes in a small resealable pouch with a note from the company. I still use this pouch to take with me during travel. One of the hardest things for myself with rings is finding one that will fit my size 5 finger. Most rings are made for the average size 7 ring finger. The material is soft and slides easily on and off my hand. No concerns with fighting trying to get the ring off if my hands swell up. When I work out and lift heavy weights, I am challenged with the ring cutting into my finger or being marked up by the metal. The ring comes in various sizes, I choose grey to match my platinum jewelry set. The material does not cause any irritation on my sensitive skin.
The ring is very plain but stylish for work and play. If you travel outside of the country, this ring is practical for wearing as a wedding band while having your main wedding set secured as you play on vacation.Many people on my vacation had obvious wedding band marks that went bare due to locking up their priceless wedding bands. The WOD ring would provide you a secure feeling without having your ring finder feeling “naked” while traveling. WOD ring comes in various colors that will match your wardrobe. I have taken the WOD through a variety of activity while on vacation and home, it has stood the test of time. It has been snorkeling, rock climbing, boating, and to the gym and looks brand new. The price point of this ring far surpasses any others that are currently on the market. The durability and affordability of the WOD ring is any lady’s must have to her wardrobe

 Five Stars
Love this ring! Comfy, durable!

 Awesome alternative!
I bought 2 of these rings because I have a job where wearing a metal ring is hazardous and in the past I have caught my ring finger on bulkhead doors and have received some nasty cuts. These are a awesome alternative. I actually prefer these because they are very comfortable too. They look really cool too.

 Couldn’t be better!
I wanted to wear this ring for a few weeks before I reviewed it, mainly to see how it held up over numerous workouts. It has turned out to be a wonderful purchase! Not only does it look as new today as it did the first day I wore it (minus the chalk), but it still fits exactly the same and the color is still as pretty as it was when I received it  One of the big tests for me was to see if I noticed it was on during workouts, and I completely forgot I was wearing a ring. It never got in my way, pinched my skin or was annoying in any way. Easy to get on and off, super comfortable and stylish. I love it and highly recommend it!!

 What a great ring and company!
I just received this tonight and I could not wait to try it out ! It is very comfortable and I didn’t even notice the difference. For someone like myself this ring is perfect. I fish and workout a lot and as you can see the picture below I have a GORGEOUS wedding ring and I would hate to ruin it ! So on my nights to the gym I can just put this silicone ring on and not have to worry about scratching it. Or while I’m fishing and sticking my hands in the salt water and getting slime from the fish I can just use my silicone band and not worry if my ring is going to loose a diamond out of it or if it is going to slide off my finger when I’m putting a fish back into the water. For anyone who does a lot of rough things or is outdoors a lot this is PERFECT! They have a variety of colors too which is nice for your liking !

 This product is great. Great quality!
This product is great. Great quality! This company provides high customer service and a great product. I highly recommend this product and working with this company.

 Love my wod ring
Love my wod ring! Doesn’t get caught or rub against my finger during barbell work. Lightweight and comfortable. Already received many compliments! Highly recommend this ring for anyone who does a lot of lifting.

 Great for that special someone
Great ring. My wife loves the color and the design. It is a bit stiffer than other rings so just remember that.
Overall a great buy.

 Shipped fast! Great fit!
I’m very happy with my purchase. I wear a 5.75 size engagement/wedding ring and the size 6 silicone ring I ordered fit perfectly. This product arrived much faster than expected. It was to arrive on Monday and it came Thursday of the previous week. Of all the options, I’m glad I made the purchase I did.

 Material is soft and slides on easy. Does not cause any irritation on skin
Material is soft and slides on easy. Does not cause any irritation on skin. Comfortable to wear. Light and not bulky. Unlike other silicone rings this one has the companies logo on it. #Wodbottom

got this for my wife to wear at work and when she works out.. fits perfect and works like a charm!

 Five Stars
Love it! Super comfy and “not there”. Great customer service!!

 Awesome Ring!!!!!
Love this ring!!! The pain from my wedding rings while lifting was beginning to become a problem! The Wodbottom ring has helped greatly!! No more pain and I still get to where a symbol of my marriage while I lift!! It fits true to size and is extremely comfortable!!! It is made very well and you really can’t beat the price! Part of me wishes it was a tiny bit thinner as a women’s band… But that is simply my esthetic preference.
Overall a really great product!

 Five Stars
Product exactly as described. Durable and exactly what I was looking for

 Pretty Awesome
This ring is so comfortable. I honestly didn’t expect to love it this much. I wish they came in smaller sizes bit other than that its great.

 Just perfect for my barista
bought this for my fiance who works at Starbucks…not an insanely heavy duty job but they do prohibit the wear of jewelry with stones in it. she, until this arrived, would remove her ring and wear it on a chain under her shirt. she wore it for hours at work yesterday with no issues and is wearing it again today. its a pretty deep teal and the size 6 fits great, perfect sizing. it didnt slip off in the dishwater, didnt get bleached with her black shirt when cleaning up before leaving work last night and she said it was very comfortable, took a bit to get used to as it is just a different feel but she said she will have no problem wearing this to work from now on. its thin and slim, perfect for a feminine hand.

 Five Stars
Love my ring! Great color. Fast shipping. Thanks!

 Love it!
Love it! I am a hair stylist and in water most of the day and worried I was ruining my wedding set with chemicals. My problem is solved! Thank u!

 Great ring for the gym!
This ring is perfect for the gym or at a box! Superlightweight, I forget that I’m wearing it when I’m running. Even when I’m lifting you cannot feel it does not pinch, twist, or bind!

 Light weight & perfect for working!
I work in the food industry & in the medical field, where I constantly use my hands. I usually take my ring off before going to work depending on which area I am working at work, in the food industry it also gets dirty even with gloves! Working in the medical field you are not suppose to have jewelry that dangles or diamonds, just in case that they fall out & being that I work with patients with numerous conditions that can cause a huge problem. So I seen a few co-workers wearing these silicone rings and thought it was a great idea! I ordered my ring & have been wearing it now a little over a week. I love how it fits, at first I thought it was going to slip off or cut off my circulation since I have sausage fingers, but it didn’t. It’s light so I barely even remember that I am wearing it. It’s easy to clean & don’t have to worry about anything coming off!! I would recommend this ring!! I have heard wonderful things about how well they hold up & last for years! We shall see, so far one week down!

 Two birds…
I purchased this ring for two reasons. First, I’m waiting to lose the baby weight and refuse to resize my rings, but also didn’t like walking around with no ring on my finger. Second, I work at a hospital and am constantly washing and/or sanitizing my hands. I’m very pleased, however, I do look forward to when it doesn’t fit and my other rings fit (although I’ll probably get a smaller one for when I’m at work!).

 Five Stars
Great fit. True to size. Very comfortable.

 Five Stars
Just as advertised

 Highly recommended – does the job
This ring does what it is intended to do- save your ring! I have a white gold band so the weights at the gym were making me re-dip it twice a year at $35 each time…do the math…this is worth it. I love that this is very giving or stretchy, since my fingers swell when I work out (run or do cardio). I wear a 7 ring, I bought a 7 and it never felt tight. It is a bit thicker than my wedding band, but I don’t have to worry about ruining my expensive band or it getting caught on weights! I can see how this would be great for firefighters, EMT, etc. 

 Great for the gym!
This silicone wedding makes wearing jewelry while exercising and doing physical activity, really easy! I love the color, it is a very nice turquoise/teal, and it fits great and is super comfortable! Don’t worry about ruining your real jewelry, when you can wear this one made from flexible silicone.

 This alternative silicone ring is the best!
Extremely durable and comfortable ring. I’m a size 4 3/4, and the size 5 I ordered is perfect! Now I can wear my wedding band during pull-ups, deadlifts, and WOD’s with no problem now. Thank you for developing this great product!

 Love it!
Got this for my wife as she works out all the time, and wants to wear a band but, her wedding band is not the best for working out. She loves it.

 Excellent ring, cute design
Discalimer: I won this on an Instagram contest. I already owned 2 silicone rings that I had started wearing almost ever day because they are so comfortable. I missed having a design though! This cam in a nice little plastic pouch and has a heart with a barbell through it. It has a roundness to the outside of it that makes it feel more like a real ring than a rubber toy. I do powerlifting and strongman and I am so rough on my hands but this has shown no signs of wear and tear in the two weeks I have had it – I have even deadlifted with it on! I never take it off so I never need to worry about losing it, and since it stretches I don’t worry about swelling making it impossible to get off. I choose this ring over my other one daily because it is thicker, prettier, and overall more attractive. I can’t wait for them to make more colors!

 This ring fits my finger well and is comfortable to wear
So far I am loving my ring. This fits my finger well and is comfortable to wear. I’m a nurse and have to wash my hands a lot and wear gloves. I’ve almost pulled my wedding set off with my gloves before so this has been a great alternative!

 Five Stars
This ring fits great and is very comfortable for all my work outs.

 Just what I was looking for
This is a great product. I love the grey color and it’s super comfortable to wear. Great purchase!

 Love It!
Absolutely love it! It’s a must for weight lifters! So comfortable and cute!

 My ring arrived yesterday and I love it!
My ring arrived yesterday and I love it! I wore it to the gym today and had no pinching while I was lifting weights and I didn’t have to worry about ruining it while I was doing ground work. It’s actually so comfortable it feels like it’s not there. I also love the color and I think the little logo is adorable.
The silicon is a little thicker than some other brands, so it feels a bit sturdier, but it’s still very flexible. I did order mine slightly loose on purpose, so it moves a little, but since my hands tend to swell when I run that’s a good thing.
I’m also support impressed with the cost! It’s as high quality as other well-known brands but half the price.

 Perfect addition
I adore this ring. I never would have thought to get a silicone wedding band. I can’t wear my wedding band and engagement rings when I sleep because my hands swell- same with at the gym. These silicone bands are so comfortable and stretch to allow space for my expanding hands. I will probably be getting another one in a different color.

 Love my ring!
Love it! I don’t feel it on my hand at all when going through my wod (workout of the day for non-crossfitters) not even during pull-ups. I’m proud to be a married woman and appreciate the opportunity to be able to finally show that at the gym.

 Exactly what work requires
Wife has had it on since she got it. Fast, easy and profession to do business with.

 Very satisfied customer!
I haven’t worn a ring in years because i work with electronics. My husband and I thought this would work. We were right! They were shipped quickly. The fit was perfect and it is much more comfortable than I expected. I am glad we decided to purchase these rings and I would recommend them to anyone thinking about purchasing them.

 When I received them I loved them and so did my husband
I was indifferent about purchasing the rings for me and my husband to wear when we ride 4 wheelers, camp and fish. When I received them I loved them and do did my husband. They are well made and comfortable!!

 Love it!
Arrived quickly. The first ring I got had a minor imperfection, and they gladly sent me a replacement ASAP. Love it!

 Very comfortable during workout.
Very comfortable during workout. I forgot that it was on most of the time. It seems like a good quality product and I would buy from them again.

 Five Stars
My fiancee love it!

Great ring. Fits perfectly. Been wearing it for over a week and no problems. Helpful in the gym so I don’t have to feel naked without my rings. Now I don’t even want to go back to wearing them thanks to this ring!

Awesome! My husband wouldn’t wear his ring to workout because it’s so thick it’s uncomfortable and causes big calluses – so I got him one of these rings and he loves it. He wears it all the time now because it’s so comfortable!

 Five Stars
Good fit with no pinching during workout. Fun to have all the different colors.

 LOVE this ring!
LOVE this ring! I am a cashier/stocker and my wedding ring was getting beat up. I wanted something to still wear to work. I love the heart/barbell logo!!! Thank you!

 Love this ring
Love this ring! Fits true to size, and I love that I can wear a ring without worrying about popping my wedding ring on the bar!

 Just what I needed
The color is just as shown – a beautiful dark teal. The edges aren’t as smooth as in the picture, but it’s nothing serious. Definitely go for the smaller size if you’re in-between. Mine is larger than expected, but I actually prefer it that way since my fingers swell when I’m exercising. It’s a lot more sturdy than my husband’s silicon rings so I appreciate that. And, of course, I love the embossed symbol.

 Great quality and amazing customer service!
I bought three of these rings to wear to work and the gym a month ago. I work in healthcare so wash my hands numerous times a day, and the silicone has held up well. I ordered the navy blue, white, and teal. The colors are beautiful. I bought a ring from Qalo which is thicker than this ring and feels bulky on my finger (I am a female). The only recommendation I have is to order a size smaller than what you usually wear.

As I said above I initially ordered the wrong size. I sent the rings back the day I got them. Two days after I mailed them I received an email confirming that the company had received them and would be sending out replacements that day! Needless to say, the replacement rings arrived within 2-3 days. I have recommended this company to my colleagues and would buy from them again.

 …have arthritis in my hands and this ring is perfect on those “puffy” days
I have arthritis in my hands and this ring is perfect on those “puffy” days.

 Five Stars
Love it!

 Great ring
I love this ring for when I go to the gym! My wedding band is platinum=heavy and my ring finger would always get punched doing pull-ups etc. I was going to stop wearing a ring altogether, but my sister happened to tell me about these silicone rings so I tried one. I ordered the gray color, size 6. Fit is absolutely perfect and it doesn’t bother me at all, no matter what type of training I’m doing. Great option if you want to wear a band at the gym. For around $15 it’s a good deal too.

 I absolutely love my ring
I absolutely love my ring! I work in acute health care and did not want to keep wearing my actually wedding set to work to get all nasty. This ring is also perfect for lifting weights and cardio because it doesn’t get pinched.

 Five Stars
Love my ring!

 Five Stars
Love it I was a little worried about getting the right size fits perfect

 They look great, they’re super comfortable and they are true to your ring size.
My husband and I both work as Paramedics so it was important to us that we had rings to wear while in the line of duty. They look great, they’re super comfortable and they are true to your ring size. My husband also plays hockey and I kickbox so we don’t have to remove them for our sports either. All around great buy!

 Great price great product
Perfect for WODs! Very comfy

 Five Stars

 Silicone wedding rings, hypoallergenic, comfortable to wear.                           At first I thought the idea of wearing a replacement ring is kind of silly, but now I have two of these rings.. lol. This Silicon Wedding Ring for Men is very helpful for an active person who involves in lots of physical activities like me.

1. It's also great for working out, I don't really like lifting weights with a ring disturbing my grip. I used to take my wedding ring off and put it in my wallet or gym bag when I'm working out, but I constantly worrying about losing it. I don't have to worry about losing this cheap silicone ring, in fact I don't even have to take it off when working out because I don't feel disturbed at all.

2. These rings are made of hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone, so there's no risk of allergic reactions for those with sensitive skin.

3. Finally, the brand also donates 10% of the profit to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It's great to know that you have supported a good cause.

 Absolutely love this ring
Absolutely love this ring. Unfortunately I can't wear my wedding set to my new job because I work with food so this ring is perfect for me. It fits great and is very comfy. I'm extremely happy with my purchase!
 Like it
I like it for the gym...I wear a 6.5 wedding ring, ordered a 6 and it fits well.
 Love this ring great for medical field
I love my ring. I'm a veterinarian student, and I didn't like to wear my wedding rings to school. Now, I wear my silicone wedding band everyday. It's comfortable and stylish. Amazon sent the wrong size, but I contacted Wodbottom directly and they were very nice and sent me the correct size with no problems. I will buy from them again. Excellent product.


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