Cosmic Knee Sleeves and Floss Band Combo

Knee sleeves and floss bands are a combo made in knee heaven.  Our Neoprene Knee Sleeves were built to take your performance to the next level.  7mm thickness for the best support and compression designed to promote muscle recovery and prevent injury.

And when you use floss bands on a regular basis you are not only increasing your recovery time, but you are also clearing out any old scar tissue that is keeping you from your full potential. 


SIZING - please see Sizing Chart in the listing images below
Straighten your leg and measure the circumference of your knee (mid patella). Use a flexible type tape measure.

➤ S: 11.8" - 13" 
➤ M: 13" - 14.2" 
➤ L: 14.2" - 15.7" 
➤ XL: 15.7" - 17"
➤ XXL: 17" - 18.3”

Steps to keep your Knee Sleeves looking great:

  1. Turn your knee sleeves inside out after a workout and let them air dry

  2. Do not store your knee sleeves in a dark warm place like a locker or inside your gym bag

  3. When you  need to wash them, (don't be the stinky one at the gym)  wash your sleeves using the delicate cycle and cold water and then air dry them.  Or better yet, hand wash them with mild soap.
  4. Please turn your knee sleeves inside out and let them Air Dry.  Do NOT put your knee sleeves in the dryer.  This can compromise the material and possibly ruin or shrink your sleeves.


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
How did I go this long without knee sleeves?!

These arrived super fast and I love them! Cute design and felt great during 100 front squats/ burpees. I was thankful to have them.

I love them!

I just got these knees sleeves a few days ago and i love the way they feel. I was using a different brand before but they kept ripping. The material on these feels different so far. I hope they last cause if they do i'll be your customer from now on!


Black Knee Sleeves and Floss Band Combo

Perfect Fit

I love these knee sleeves! I use them for back squats for more stability and they give me that little extra support to get me thru. Love the fun designs, its nice to be a little bit different


Cosmic Knee Sleeves

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