Unicorn Slim Wodbottom Headband

Do you glow at the gym or are you dripping hot mess?  Either way, you are rocking it, except of course when the sweat leaks into your eyes and you wonder the gym aimlessly as you rub your stinging eyes.  

With the WodBottom headband, however, you can sweat profusely without the worry of pain.  As a fun benefit you get to wring out the sweat from the headband as a measurement of your efforts. 

Our headbands are made out of super high quality spandex and polyester for an extremely comfortable and lightweight feel. Plus they are wicking, which means you can say goodbye to sweat in the eye.

And it gets better, they are easy to wash! After busting your butt at the gym, just wash them with some hand soap, squeeze out the water using your super fine muscles and hang to dry. If that is too hard, just throw them in the washer.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
These Headbands Are Magical!

These headbands are magical (and it's not just because of the unicorn design). I absolutely hate headbands. I kept buying them hoping that one day I would find one that stays on my oddly shaped skull. WodBottom nailed it! I wore my unicorn headband to CrossFit for the first time yesterday and it didn't budge! Plus it was super comfy! I was so excited about it, I wore it again to the 5:30am class the next day! These are the only headbands I will ever buy again, and I want one in every color! Great job WodBottom!

super cute

Really cute design and it serves its purpose!

Daughter approved

Got this headband for my daughter, she does Xfit, she loves it!

They stay put

I have almost given up on headbands, but then I gave these a try and I am hooked! The headband doesn't slip back at all, even when I am doing crazy movements during CrossFit. LOVE LOVE LOVE

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