Gray Knee Sleeves

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Our Neoprene Knee Sleeves were built to take your performance to the next level.  7mm thickness for the best support and compression designed to promote muscle recovery and prevent injury.

Perfect for your toughest WOD, Olympic lifting, Squats, you name it.

This is (1) pair of knee sleeves... as in a sleeve for each knee.  


SIZING - please see Sizing Chart in the listing images below
Straighten your leg and measure the circumference of your knee (mid patella). Use a flexible type tape measure.

S: 11.8" - 13"

M: 13" - 14.2"

L: 14.2" - 15.7"

XL: 15.7" - 17"

 XXL: 17" - 18.3”


Steps to keep your Knee Sleeves looking great:

  1. Turn your knee sleeves inside out after a workout and let them air dry

  2. Do not store your knee sleeves in a dark warm place like a locker or inside your gym bag

  3. When you  need to wash them, (don't be the stinky one at the gym)  wash your sleeves using the delicate cycle and cold water and then air dry them.  Or better yet, hand wash them with mild soap.
  4. Please turn your knee sleeves inside out and let them Air Dry.  Do NOT put your knee sleeves in the dryer.  This can compromise the material and possibly ruin or shrink your sleeves.


Customer Reviews

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Functionally Cute!

Absolutely love these sleeves! They provide the perfect amount of support for my lifts. And I got the floss bands because using the community ones at my box weirded me out; they work well and are cute (I love the logo for WodBottom!)

Thank you for taking time to leave us a review. Your review really helps us when it comes to making the best quality products, designs, and to provide you with the best customer service.

I love my new wodbottom knee sleeves! These are my second pair of wodbottom. I love that I can wash them and they still maintain their durability. I use them for everything - Back squats, rope climbs (prevent my legs getting rope burns), oly lifts, etc.!

Thank you for taking time to leave us a review. Your review really helps us when it comes to making the best quality products, designs, and to provide you with the best customer service.

They came in so fast, it was very unexpected. I love them. They felt a read bit tight, but i chalk it up to being new and needed to gain a tiny bit of stretch. Awesome design, great knee shipper. Never once even thought about my knees!

Finally can squat wo fear

I have had knee surgery in the past and although now pain free, I’m a bit hestiant with squatting which throws off my form. These tightly hold my knee in giving me the confidence I need to improve my form and lift heavier. I’ve already gotten a new PR on the front squat and look forward to making more.

Have support yet give you room to move

Got these to help me train for the April Festivus Games. Didn’t know what to expect from these at first, but noticed a difference in the strength and support in my knees once I started the WOD. Very comfortable, provide the support and the flexibility to conquer your workout!

What People Are Saying About Us

I ordered 4 different pairs of shorts from here, these included. They are my favorite brand of shorts for Crossfit. They don’t ride up like most do and they are very soft and comfy! And so cute! Also the shipping is on point. I ordered Wednesday and got them Friday afternoon. Love this company and the customer service. Small Business that gives back to the community! Awesome people!

- Robin Powers

These shorts were the smartest purchasing decision I’ve ever made! They are so comfortable to lift in, and they are not see through. They’re perfect for showing off those leg day gains! If you’re on the fence, click the button! You won’t regret it!

- Kacie Harlan

I love Wodbottom and you can tell they care about their customers! Emily called me today because my first order of shorts was for a medium but my next order I put in for larges. She called to say they had made some changes and 2 of the pairs I ordered were single lined so would I rather go for the mediums... I of course said yes and she made sure to change my order over to the mediums. AWESOME customer service!

- Abby Epperson

As soon as mine arrived, I had to pick up the weights & try it out! I love mine! Super comfy! Perfect for lifting! Will definitely be buying more of every color just to match with my outfits! Super fast shipping, no complaints! Thank you!

- Star Phillips

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